How to Update Your Samsung Smart TV

Most gadgets and applications require regular software updates. These updates are meant to fix bugs, improve performance, add new features, etc. Since most TVs now are smart TVs, there are regular firmware updates that users must initiate and complete.

Most TV updates come in different phases, and not all TVs OEM provides regular updates for their TVs. Luckily, Samsung is one of the prominent brands that provides software updates to its smart TVs. This article will be recommending ways to update Samsung smart TV.

How to Update Samsung Smart TV

Firmware updates for smart TVs are rolled out to enhance current features, fix bugs, add applications to the device, etc. aside from updating the apps on the TV, the Operating System (OS) also requires an update. This update is to resolve performance issues or errors and also to improve features. 

Note that if you fail to update your TV, you might not get a new version of the Smart Hub and therefore be unable to get new updates to applications on the TV.

Samsung Smart TV update is easy to initiate and complete. You can do the update through the Web or USB. You will need an internet connection if you are updating through the web and a USB drive if you are updating through USB.

Samsung TV Update Via Web

As mentioned above, you will need an internet connection to complete this process. 

  • Power on your TV
  • Ensure it is connected to the internet
  • Navigate to the Menu option, click on Setting
  • Select Support 
  • Then click on Software Update

If there is any update available, you will see the prompt update Now. Note that sometimes, there might not be any updates available. That is, your TV is up-to-date.

Samsung TV Update Via USB

Updating your Samsung smart TV via USB is a bit time-consuming, but it does the job. To initiate and complete the update process, you will need to manually download the latest software from Samsung, load it on a USB drive, then plug in the drive to initiate the update.

Below is a guide on how to update your Samsung TV via USB

  • Click on the Samsung Support WebsiteInput your TV model number into the search box
  • Select Manuals and download the available file
  • Click on your TV model from the list
  • Select Downloads to get the latest software
  • Load the software on a USB drive
  • Plugin the USB drive into your TV 
  • On the TV menu, click on Setting and Support 
  • Click on Software Update 
  • Select Update Now

Note that the duration your TV will take to update will depend on your last software update. Once it is updating, there will be a progress bar display on your screen. 

Alternative Way to Update Samsung Smart TV

Auto-update is the easiest and fastest way to keep your apps and software up-to-date on a Samsung smart TV. You can pre-set your TV to update itself once there is a new update automatically.

Automatic operating system updates work by searching for available updates whenever the TV is powered on or at a specified period. Ultimately, you can set whatever option is available on your TV menu. Below is a guide on how to set up automatic updates on your Samsung Smart TV.

  • Connect your TV to the internet
  • Go to Settings.
  • Choose Support.
  • Select Software Update.
  • Choose Auto Update.

Once you do this, your TV will automatically update itself once there is a new update.

How to Update Apps on Samsung Smart Tv

Most Samsung TV comes with some installed applications. And to continue using these applications, you must update them. Note that Software or firmware update is different from Application update, and each app has its structure. 

Like software or firmware updates, the easiest way to update your apps is to do it automatically. Below is a guide on how to set up automatic app update on your Samsung Smart TV.

  • On your TV remote, press the Smart Hub or Home button
  • Click on Apps from the menu option
  • Select My Apps 
  • Click on Options
  • Then Turn on Auto Update

If you want to update manually, you will need to select the app you want to update. If there is an update available, follow the prompts to initiate and complete the update process. Once the update is complete, you can open and use the app.


Updating your Samsung Smart Tv is not a tedious process. You can use any of the methods recommended above. Note that sometimes due to poor network, your TV 

might not find new updates. The best solution if you encounter this is to download the upgrade file on your computer and install it. In addition, you can install a downloaded upgrade file on your TV without an internet connection.

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