10 Best Internet Providers in Ontario

Depending on where you live in Ontario and the type of internet services available in that location, Ontario has some of Canada’s best internet service providers.

As Canada’s most populous province with over 14.7 million people, Ontario has one of the largest marketplaces for internet providers.

A quick surf on the web can conveniently find you a cheap and reliable internet plan for your residential or business needs.

Internet providers in Ontario offer different services and features, internet connections, fees, and add-ons to entice subscribers to their services. Here’s our pick for the best internet service providers in Ontario.

Importance of Internet Services in Ontario

Ontario is home to some of the top players in the Canadian telecoms industry. However, there’s healthy competition among the big internet service providers and the alternative internet providers to ensure that both the urban and rural regions of the province enjoy unhindered internet access.

As an indication of the Canadian government’s resolve to ensure that all Canadians have access to high-speed internet, the central government invests about $16 million on providing fast internet to Ontario residents.

This Universal Broadband Fund (UBF) project was designed to bring high-speed internet to 7,511 underserved homes in 49 communities and across rural Ontario.

The Rapid Respond Stream of the Universal Broadband Fund (UBF) further shows the importance of fast, available, and reliable internet connection in the province.

In addition to this, the governments of Canada and Ontario also invest over $362 million to ensure that Eastern Ontario residents enjoy high-speed internet.

According to the Government of Canada’s August 2021 publication, the joint federal-provincial agreement will bring high-speed internet to 90,124 rural Ontario households in eastern Ontario. This is a continuation of the fibre-based project that will run till 2025 to achieve 100 percent connectivity in all the regions of the province.

Best Internet Providers in Ontario

1.      Bell Communications

Bell communication is one of the big ISPs in Canada. Since its establishment in 1880, Bell has consistently remained a formidable force in providing reliable internet connections to residential and business subscribers, both in Ontario and across Canada.

The company has comprehensive coverage and offers full-scale internet service, including fibre-powered internet access, wireless connection, and unlimited bandwidth.

Aside from its internet service, Bell communication also provide bundling services, including Television and Telephone bundling packages. If you’re on Bell’s network, you can rest assured of fast-speed connections via its fibre-optic channels.

Bell Fibe has a speed range of 10 megabits per second and up to 1.5 Gbps download and upload speeds. Regardless of your internet needs, you can fit into any of Bell’s residential or business internet packages.

Internet Connection: Fibre-optic internet

Speed: Internet speed ranges between 10 Mbps to 1.5 Gbps

Data Cap: Unlimited bandwidth

Internet Plans: Fibe internet, Fibe 50, Fibe 150, Fibe 500, Gigabit Fibe, and Gigabit Fibe 1.5.

Starting Price: Price starts at $49.95

2.      Diallog Telecommunication

Diallog telecommunications has, since its inception in 1998, consistently delivered reliable and affordable internet services to Ontario residents and across Canada.

The Toronto-based ISP offers a full suite of telecom services to residential internet users and businesses, including small, medium, and large scale businesses. 

Diallog prides itself as a premium partner of Canada’s Tier 1 internet providers, including Rogers, Telus, Allstream, and Bell. Diallog aims to provide subscribers with special internet access via its affordable Internet plans by leveraging these network providers. The company offers its services through DSL, Fibre, and Cable internet.

Speed: Internet speed ranges from 6 Mbps to 50 Mbps for DSL, and 5 Mbps to 150 Mbps for Cable internet.

Starting Price: Price starts at $25 per month for DSL or $30 per month Cable internet.

Data Cap: Unlimited monthly usage

3.      Fibrestream 

Condo residents in Ontario will find the services of Fibrestream ideal and attractive. Fibrestream is an independent internet service provider serving Ontario residents, especially Toronto, Ottawa, and the Greater Toronto Area.

The company offers superfast fibre-optic internet, unlimited bandwidth, and no contracts.

Fibrestream was established in 2009 and has become a formidable force among Canada’s major ISPs. In 2019, Fibrestream became the first internet provider to offer up to 5000 Megabits per second download speed.

With 5 Gbps, the fastest internet speed in Canada as of the time of writing, residential subscribers on this network can enjoy unlimited and unhindered seamless browsing, streaming, and gaming.

Internet Connection: Fibre

Speed: Internet speed is available in 100 Mbps, 750Mbps, and 5000 Mbps; with equal upload and download speeds.

Internet Plan Price: Price starts at $40 for 100 Mbps, $50 for 750 Mbps, and up to $100 for 5000 Mpbs.

4.      Rogers

Rogers Communications offers high-speed internet to subscribers in Ontario via its cable and fibre-optic Internet Connections. Established in 1994 in Toronto, Rogers has positioned itself as a force to reckon with among Canada’s Tier 1 internet providers.

Ontario residents and communities can enjoy reliable high-speed internet on the Rogers network from residential to business Internet plans.

Besides its internet services, the company also offers home phone, home security, wireless, and TV streaming services. It also offers bundling options to subscribers to enjoy discounts on their purchases.

Internet Connection: Cable, Fibre to the home

Speed: Internet speed ranges from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps download speed

Data Cap: 100 GB – unlimited bandwidth

Starting Price: Price starts from $49.99

5.      Vmedia

Vmedia is a Toronto-based internet service provider that offers DSL, Fibre, and Cable Internet Connections to Ontario residents. The company offers its internet service across Canada and provides the best value in TV, home security, and home phone services.

All Vmedia Internet Plans come with unlimited data to stream video, play games online, surf the web and download the things you love at no extra charge. Vmedia Internet Plans require no contracts or credit checks.

Internet Connection: DSL, Cable, and FTTN

Speed: Internet speed starts from 6 Mbps DSL to 1000 Mbps Cable internet

Starting Price: Price starts from $34.95

6.      Execulink

Execulink is another Ontario-based internet provider that offers reliable fast-speed residential and business internet services.

You can enjoy unlimited data and custom-tailored internet packages from Execulink if you reside within Ontario. The company provides its high-speed internet via DSL, Cable, wireless, and Fibre technologies.

Speed: Internet speed ranges from 30 Mbps to 1 Gbps

Internet Plans: Fast Internet (30 Mbps), Faster Internet (500 Mbps), and Fastest Internet (1 Gbps)

Starting Price: Price starts from $45 to $55 per month

7.      Coextro

Coextro is another Ontario internet service provider that provides reliable high-speed fibre-optic Internet Connection to its subscribers.

Coextro is exclusively poised to cater to the internet needs of hotels, apartments, and condo residents. The company offers unlimited bandwidth on all its internet packages, with no contractual commitment.

Coextro provides three unique Internet Plans for Ontario residents:

  • Single user plans for 1-3 devices
  • Couple/Family Plans for 4-8 devices
  • Heavy user plans for 9 devices

Speed: Internet speed ranges from 40 Mbps to 1000 Mbps

Starting Price: Price starts at $29 per month

8.      Teksavvy

Teksavvy offers Ontario residents an alternative high-speed and reliable internet connection. The Ontario-based internet service provider was established in 1998 to provide Canadians with a DSL, Cable, and fixed wireless broadband connection.

All Teksavvy Internet Plans have unlimited bandwidth. The company offers three internet packages:

  • Good Internet for 1-4 devices
  • Better internet for 5-9 devices
  • Best internet for 10+ devices

Internet Connection: DSL, Cable, and Fixed Wireless

Speed: Internet speed ranges from 1Mbps to 100 Mbps

Starting Price: Price starts at $24.95 per month

9.      Distributel

Distributel is a Canadian internet service provider that offers a wide range of Internet Plans and packages for Ontario residents to stream videos, play online games, and surf the web seamlessly.

Founded in 1988, the Toronto-based telecoms company also offers phone and TV services to its subscribers.

Internet Connection: DSL, and Cable internet

Speed: Internet speed ranges from 25 Mbps to 1 Gbps

Starting Price: Price starts at $44.95 per month

10.    Oxio

Oxio is a Canadian internet service provider with a difference. The telecoms company offers its internet services in Ontario, including high-speed and unlimited internet for residential and business needs.

All Oxio internet packages have unlimited bandwidth, free installation, and no contracts.

Speed: Internet speed ranges from 30 Mbps to 300 Mbps

Starting Price: Price starts from $48 per month

Internet Connections in Ontario 

Ontario residents have access to the most common and reliable types of Internet Connections. Ontario internet service providers offer high-speed internet access to subscribers in urban and rural regions of the province via the following connections:

  • Fibre-optic internet
  • Cable internet
  • DSL internet
  • Satellite
  • Fixed wireless or Wi-Fi broadband

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