Telus vs Shaw – Which is Better?

Telus and Shaw are some of the most popular telecommunications providers in Canada.

Telus is a Vancouver-based company, while Shaw has its headquarters in Calgary. Both providers offer internet and cell phone services and fibre network.

Telus vs Shaw – Which is worth your money?

Are you wondering the difference between Telus and Shaw and which you should switch to? You are at the right place. In this article, we compared Telus and Shaw based on their coverage, plan offered, price, internet services, and customer service. 


Telus is considered one of the biggest 3 network providers in Canada with the other 2 being Bell and Rogers. So it’s no surprise that Telus reaches almost every urban area in Canada. Their network covers over 99% of the population in urban areas and about 28.8% by area. 

Aside from being extensive, Telus’ network is also fast and also offers roaming services for when you are outside the coverage zone or the country.

Shaw Mobile, on the other hand, offers services to Alberta and British Columbia. Shaw Mobile belongs to the same company that owns Freedom Mobile, so they work on the same cell phone towers. Currently, Shaw Mobile, like other regional carriers, can only work within their provinces. So you have to be in Alberta or British Columbia to use their services in Canada.

They also offer roaming services through the US and Mexico if you subscribe to their most premium hotspots.

Network Reliability 

Telus ranks as the top reliable network in Canada and is considered the 2nd largest network, while Shaw is the 4th largest network also with a reliable connection.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Towers

One of the best things about Shaw Mobile is that subscribers can connect to standby Shaw hotspot towers across Canada for free internet access. Telus, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have hotspots locations for customers.

Cell Phones

Both Telus and Shaw offer Cell phones on financing plans. The network carriers are committed to selling popular and high-end cell phone brands, which you will find in their stores. If you want a prepaid plan with financing plans, both Telus and Shaw can cover your needs. And if you prefer to bring your own device for their plans, you have the option too, as long as your device is carrier unlocked. 

Mobile Plans

Telus mobile plans are premium; they are big and suitable for customers in need of 

One of their most popular mobile plans is the Telus Peace of Mind, which costs $80 per month for unlimited text and talk and high-speed data of 15Gb. They also offer Peace of Mind Connect Ultra for $115, which offers unlimited talk and text and data of 50Gb and allows 3 connected devices. Telus’s most basic plan costs just $35 for unlimited calls and text, but no data offer. Check here for more Telus mobile plans. 

Shaw also offers Mobile plans, but they are much cheaper than Telus. The cheapest Shaw mobile plan is the Shaw By The Gig Plan, which costs $15 per month for unlimited data and talk and pay-as-you-go data for $10 per gig. 

Unlimited Internet Connection

Like all Big network providers, Telus offers premium plans, with the most expensive being the PureFibre for unlimited data (1.5gbps speed) at $155 per month. The least expensive is the Internet 25 plan(25mbps speed) at $75 per month. 

Shaw offers 3 major internet plans, Fibre+ Gig, Fibre+ Max, and Fibre+ Essentials, and these 3 plans have sub-plans. Check here for more details on Shaw Internet Plans. The least expensive internet plan is the Shaw Basic Plan for $50 per month and a data of 150GB at a speed of 10mbps. The most expensive plan is the Fibre + 1.5Gb plan for $165(175 after 2 years), unlimited data, and a speed of 1.5gbps. 

Fibre Network

Fibre Network is one of the fastest and most desirable internets right now. It’s fast, lightning speed fast with high bandwidth for both downloads and uploads. Telus offers a fibre network known as Pure Fibre with a download speed of up to 1.5Gbps and a download speed of 940mbps.

The most expensive PureFibre plan is the Gigabit plan which costs $160 for postpaid and $99 for a 2-year contract, while the least expensive is for $75 per month.

Shaw also offers a fibre network, but it’s limited to specific locations. Their download speed is also as high as 1.5Gbps.

Their most expensive plan is the Fibre+1.5Gb plan for $165  for the first 24 months and $175 afterward. 

Data Roll-Over

One of the pros of Shaw is that customers can enjoy rollover data for up to 90 days. This means your unused data can be rolled over until the next month and the next month, and it won’t expire unless you use it. 

Telus doesn’t offer the same. Unused data expires once the monthly bill expires.

Flanker Brands

Telus owns Koodoo and Public Mobile, which offers cheaper plans for young and budget-conscious customers. 

Shaw doesn’t have any small carriers. 

Family Sharing Plans 

Telus offers family sharing plans known as the Simple Share plans. Simple share allows you to share your plans with family and friends. Each connection to your plan comes with a discount. The most expensive Simple Share offer costs $125 per month for 50Gb of data and unlimited talk and texts.

Shaw, on the other hand, doesn’t offer family sharing plans, but customers can bundle their home internet plans.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, Big Telecommunications companies in Canada have not-so-good services.

Many customers complain about poor customer service with the telecom companies; however, Telus and Shaw seem to have average customer service. They also have mobile apps to perform some actions.


In 2020, Telus launched its 5G network available in many markets across Canada. However, only customers with unlimited plans can access Telus 5G services. 

Shaw, on the other hand, operates only on the 4G network, but there’s a possibility of an upgrade in years to come.

WiFi Hotspots 

One of the best parts of Shaw Mobile is the access to free Wi-Fi hotspots as a Shaw Subscriber. Shaw has over 150,000 WiFi towers across British Columbia, and Alberta and customers can connect for free when they are close to one.

Telus, however, doesn’t offer such WiFi hotspots. 


Telus offers roaming plans that allow you to use your Telus line while travelling to countries like the US or China. Telus Easy Roam services for the US costs $8 per day and up to $120 per month. Shaw also offers roaming services (Roam like Home) across the US and Mexico at varying prices. You can check more about Shaw roaming through their support page.

Mobile App

Both Shaw and Telus have Mobile apps where you make payments, track internet use, set WiFi control, and perform other functions.


Telus offers exciting offers like free online security against cyberattacks and Free Norton 360 subscription for their users. 

Shaw offers student discounts, new customer discounts, and a variety of other services. 


Is Rogers Buying Shaw?

In 2021, Rogers announced their intention to acquire Shaw Communications, which owns Shaw Mobile and Freedom Mobile. However, this will require a lot of processes to be approved. Currently, the deal hasn’t been done at the time of writing this article.

Is Wi-Fi Calling Available?

You can make WiFi calls on both Shaw and Telus internet plans.

What is Shaw Sign-up Discount?

Shaw offers a slashed price for every new sign-up. For example, the regular price of the Fibre +1.5Gb is $175, but new users get it for $165 for 2 years. 

Can I Bundle Services With My Mobile Phone?

Shaw started as a Cable TV company so as expected, they offer TV packages which you can bundle with your internet services. The best part is, bundling your services comes with a discount.

Telus also offers bundling services and internet bundle deals to connect to your TV, internet, or Smarthome security. However, only customers on a 2-year contract can enjoy bundling services. 

How Much is The Activation Fee?

Telus activation fee costs $45 for new lines, and you need a SIM card whose price may vary from store to store. 

Shaw activation fee costs about $20 for mobile plans and $50 for internet plans.

Should I Choose Telus or Shaw?

This has to be a personal decision. Most of their offers are almost the same. 

It also depends on your location too; Telus works in various provinces, including Quebec, Ontario, and Vancouver Island, and covers different cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Montreal, and Calgary. 

And Shaw works in British Columbia and Alberta. 

You can also consider price and value too.

Shaw’s internet plans (4G)  are between $50 and $175 for 150Gb at 10Mbps and unlimited gig for 1.5gbps, respectively. Telus internet plans (5G) are between $75 and $155  for unlimited gib at 25mbps and 1.5gbps, respectively. 

Shaw Mobile cheapest Mobile plan costs $15 for unlimited talk and text, while Telus cheapest mobile plan costs $35 for the same offer.

So….Who’s the Best Carrier?

Both Telus and Shaw offer a great and fast network, a wide range of plans, a Fibre network, bundling services, and a comprehensive range of services.

However, when it comes to the 5G network and popularity, Telus has an upper bandwidth and a larger customer of over 8 million users. And when it comes to budget, Shaw is more affordable and offers smaller plans.

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