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7 Best Internet Providers in Toronto

Whether you live in Toronto or perhaps planning to relocate to the Greater Toronto Area, you need a good internet connection and a reliable internet provider. With tons of internet service providers in Toronto, choosing the best provider suitable for your internet needs can be overwhelming. As the largest city in Canada, you can expect to find different types of internet plans and connections.

To avoid the frustrations associated with irregular connections, hidden charges, chasing after customer care, and slow internet access, it is essential to choose the best providers available in the capital city of Ontario.

To spare you the stress and overwhelming details and help you make informed decisions on your choice of internet plans ad providers, we’ve compiled a list of the best internet providers in Toronto.

Here’s our list of the top players in the Toronto internet service industry.

Toronto’s Best Internet Plans

In no particular order, the following internet providers are our pick for Toronto’s best ISPs:

1.      Rogers Internet

Rogers is one of the top-rated broadband internet service providers in Toronto. Its services spread across Canada as it provides business and residential high-speed internet. The Toronto-based internet provider is one of Canada’s largest ISPs. The company offers various high-speed connections, including cable internet and fiber connections (FTTH).

Rangers’ internet speed ranges from 5 Mbps to 1000 Mbps. Here are some of Rogers internet plans:

Internet PlanConnection TypeSpeedPrice per Month
Rogers Internet 5Cable5 Mbps$24.99
Ignite 30Cable30 Mbps$67.99
Ignite 60Cable60 Mbps$77.99
Ignite for Business 100uCable100 Mbps$69.99 for 24 months ($124.99 afterwards)
Ignite GigabitFiber1000 Mbps$149.99

2.      Diallog Telecommunications

Diallog Telecommunications provide unlimited fast-speed internet service to subscribers in Toronto. The Toronto-based internet service provider offers DSL and Cable internet connections for residential and business internet users. Diallog subscribers also enjoy pay-as-you-go services without any contract.

Here are some of Diallog’s internet plans:

  • Diallog Basic DSL 50/10 Mbps at $45.00 per month rate.
  • Diallog Starter Cable 15/1 Mbps at $35.00 per month rate.

3.      TekSavvy

TekSavvy Solutions is a Canadian internet provider that provides residential, business, and wholesale internet connections. The Ontario-based telecom company was established in 1998 to provide internet and added solutions to Canadians. The company offers three types of internet connections in Toronto – DSL, Cable, and Wireless internet.

Here are some internet plans from TekSavvy Solutions:

Internet PlansConnection TypeSpeedPrice per Month
Sky Fi Basic 1Fixed wireless1 Mbps$24.95
Cable 5Cable5 Mbps$24.95
Sky Fi Pro 3Fixed wireless3 Mbps$29.95
High Speed DSL 7DSL7 Mbps$29.99
High Speed DSL 10DSL10 Mbps$32.99
Cable 15Cable15 Mbps$38.95
Cable 55Cable55 Mbps$59.95
Cable 100Cable100 Mbps$59.95
High Speed DSL 10 PlusDSL250 Mbps$112.95

4.      Altima Telecom

Since the launch of its internet service in Toronto in 2009, Altima Telecom regularly provides reliable and consistent internet service to Toronto residents. Altima provides residential and business services as an internet service provider, including fiber internet, cable internet, and DSL. Altima also offers its services without any contractual obligation from its subscribers. 

Some of Altima internet plans include:

Internet PlanSpeedPrice per Month
Cable 30 Mbps30 Mbps$44.99
Cable 1515 Mbps$34.99
Hybrid fiber internet40 Mbps$39.99
Cable 60 Mbps Unlimited60 Mbps$48.99
Cable 120 Mbps Unlimited120 Mbps$69.99
Cable 250 Mbps Unlimited250 Mbps$89.99

5.      Vmedia

Vmedia is a Canadian independent broadband company that provides unlimited internet plans and no-contract internet services. Since its inception in 2013, the telecom company has provided home phone, home security, and internet connections, including DSL and Cable internet.

Some of Vmedia internet plans in Toronto include:

Internet PlansSpeedConnectionPrice per Month
Vmedia DSL 66Mbps/800kbDSL$29.95
Vmedia 300 Unlimited300Mbps/20MbpsCable$78.95
Vmedia Cable 7575Mbps/10MbpsCable$34.95
Vmedia FTTN 1515Mbps/1MbpsFTTN$42.95
Vmedia Cable 1515Mbps/1MbpsCable$47.95
Vmedia Cable 3030Mbps/5MbpsCable$62.95
FTTN 5050Mbps/10MbpsFTTN$62.95
Cable 100100Mbps/10MbpsCable$87.95

6.      Velcom

Velcom was established in 2002 to provide fast broadband and fiber cable speeds. The Ontario-based internet service provider offers high-speed internet connections, including DSL and Cable connections for home and business plans.

Velcom internet plans include:

Internet PlansSpeedConnectionPrice per Month
Cable 15 Unlimited15Mbps/10MbpsCable$52.95
Cable 60 unlimited60Mbps/10MbpsCable$59.95
Cable 100100Mbps/30MbpsCable$67.95
Cable 120120Mbps/20MbpsCable$71.95
Cable 200200Mbps/30MbpsCable$87.95
Cable 400400Mbps/50MbpsCable$103.95
Cable 3030Mbps/10MbpsCable$56.95
DSL 5050Mbps/10MbpsDSL$53.95
Legacy 6 200GB6Mbps/800KbpsDSL$25.95
Legacy 6 Unlimited6Mbps/800KbpsDSL$29.95

7.      Bell Canada

Bell internet is one of Canada’s highly rated internet service providers in Toronto. Bell offers fast download and upload speed with unlimited internet packages. As one of Canada’s largest telecom companies, Bell offers residential and business internet plans. Bell internet connection offers include Fiber and Fixed wireless.

Here are some of Bell’s internet plans:

Internet PlanConnection TypeSpeedPrice per month
Bell business Fibe internet 15Fiber15 Mbps$57.00
Business Fibe internet 25Fiber25 Mbps$61.00
Fibe internet 15Fiber15 Mbps$64.95
Fibe internet 50 unlimitedFiber50 Mbps$84.95
Fibe internet 300Fiber300 Mbps$99.95
Mobile internet flex plusWireless200 Mbps$60.00
Bell Gigabit Fibe 1.5/940Fiber1000Mbps$129.95

Categories of Bell Internet Plans in Toronto

Toronto’s internet service providers can also be classified under the following categories:

1.      Best Unlimited Internet Plans and Providers

Unlimited internet plans offer limitless data connections for video streaming, online gaming, and business usage.

  • Vmedia cable 300 Mbps/20Mbps Unlimited
  • Diallog 30 Mbps Unlimited
  • Distributel 1Gbps/30Mbps Unlimited
  • Fido Unlimited 150Mbps/15Mbps Unlimited
  • Execulink 250Mbps/15Mbps Unlimited
  • Fibrestream 100Mbps Unlimited

2.      Best Cheapest Internet Plans and Providers

Cheap internet plans are low-cost and affordable internet plans that help you get reliable internet service on a low budget. This plan is ideal for students and light internet users.

  • Buzzmax fiber 50Mbps/10Mbps
  • Velcom 5Mbps/1Mbps        
  • Diallog Cable 5Mbps
  • Smart Telecom Fiber 7Mbps
  • Vmedia DSL 6Mbps
  • Odynet DSL 6Mbps
  • Cik Tel fiber Basic 15 Mbps

3.      Best Fastest Internet Plans and Providers

Fast internet plans offer high-speed and reliable internet connections for seamless and uninterrupted access. This internet plan is ideal for businesses and home usage, including HD video streaming, online gaming, etc.

  • Vmedia cable 300Mbps/20Mbps
  • Execulink fastest 250Mbps
  • Vmedia 1024 Mbps Cable internet
  • Bell FTTH 1.5 Gbps
  • Fibre Stream 5000 Mbps
  • Execulink High-speed 1Gbps/30Mbps
  • Distributel 1Gbps/30Mbps
  • Bell Gigabit Fibe 1.5Gbps

4.      Best Promotional Internet Plans and Providers

Promotional internet plans or offers provide discounted offers that suit your needs and a good value for your money. These promo offers are regularly updated and may only be available for a limited time

  • Distributel 150 Mbps Unlimited
  • Vmedia DSL 50 Mbps unlimited
  • Vmedia cable 75 Mbps

Internet Connections in Toronto

Toronto internet service providers offer high-speed internet connections. These ISPs provide fast internet access using the following internet connections:

  • Fiber optic connection
  • Satellite connection
  • Cable internet connection
  • Direct Subscriber Line (DSL)

Factors to Consider In Choosing an Internet Plan/Provider in Toronto

While choosing a preferred internet plan and provider in Toronto, here are some factors to consider:

  • The cost of the monthly cost of the internet plan
  • The upfront price of the internet plan
  • The internet speed offered by the provider
  • The data usage allowance
  • The availability of the internet connection in your region
  • The promotional and bundling offers
  • The contract associated with the internet plan
  • The reliability of the internet provider and responsiveness of their customer support.

Our Top Three Picks

1.      Bell Canada – Best Value

2.      Vmedia – Great Reviews

3.      TekSavvy Solutions – Good on the budget

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