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5 Ways To Mount A Tv On The Wall Without Studs

Most TV set comes with a mounting stud while others don’t. Moreover, many apartment rules do not allow tenants to drill a hole into the walls. And if you do not have a Stud, it can be tiring to come up with an alternative. Generally, most TV mounts are designed for drywall. It is relatively easy to install; however, you will need studs to complete the installation.

What are Wall Studs?

Wall studs are vertical pieces of wood designed to make up a frame. This frame is used to support the frame of your home. Generally, you can find wall studs behind your drywall.

Wall studs are made from thick and sturdy wood/metal; hence, they can securely hold on to screws. Usually, they are spaced about 16 or 24 inches apart in the wall of your home.

A wall sturdy provides a sturdy anchor point that ensures that your TV stays in place. Mounting a TV on the wall without a stud can be tricky as Drywalls are relatively brittle. Although drywall can support a TV up to 100, your device still needs additional support. Mounting a TV on a wall without a stud will leave a hole in the wall and, in some cases, your TV falling off.

Factors to Consider When Mounting a TV on the Wall without Studs

Before deciding to mount your TV on the wall without a stud, you should consider some essential factors. Some of them include:

  • The TV Weight

The weight of the TV is the most significant factor to consider. Get anchors that can withstand the weight of the TV.

  • The Condition of the Wall

Every home is built differently with different materials. Your wall should be in an excellent state to accommodate any work or drilling. You should not consider mounting your TV on the wall if it is already falling apart.

  • Quality of the Mount

Most TV mounts are compatible with all models and brands of TV. However, it is advisable to check the specifications for the size and weight the mount can withstand.

  • The Type of Mount

The Mount type you should purchase should depend on your TV and wall capacity. Generally, an Anchor mount is compatible with both fixed and moving mounts for TVs.

Alternatives Ways to Mount a TV on the wall without studs

Depending on the construction of your home, the wall might not have studs. Don’t fret! Luckily, you can still mount your TV on the wall without studs. Below are ways you can mount a TV on the wall without studs in your home:

1. Anchors


Using an Anchor is a go-to alternative for hanging a TV on the wall without a Stud. An Anchor for the TV wall prevents the screws from the installation from falling out of the holes. In addition, it also prevents the wall from damages. It provides a secure mounting for TVs. To use a wall anchor:

  • Drill a hole according to the size of the TV
  • Insert the sleeve and slide in the anchor piece.

Once you have secured the anchor piece in, it won’t loosen while you insert the screws.

2. Toggle Anchors


Toggle Anchors are a great way to mount your TV on the wall with studs. They are like regular screws. However, they feature a butterfly toggle at the end. They work by anchoring to the back of the drywall to provide support.

3. Molly Bolts


Molly Bolts are incredibly sturdy and well-suited for medium and heavy-size TVs. These bolts create an anchor to the back of your drywall by expanding its sleeves. They come in two variations; pointed and non-pointed.

Pointed Molly Bolts feature a sharp tip. You can install it with a hammer. At the same time, the Non-Pointed Molly Bolts are more suitable for plaster walls. They require that you cut out an installation hole first. Once you have installed the molly bolts, you can remove the screws and replace them with the screws for your TV wall mount.

4. Mounting Plates


A mounting plate is quite diverse when it comes to functionality. It can be paired with other TV anchors to provide support for your TV. Mounting plates are made from metal/plywood. To install a mounting plate:

  • Place the mounting plate behind the TV
  • Screwed them into the wall using anchor screws

Mounting plates give extra support to your TV by creating a larger surface area to hold the weight of the mount and the TV. You can try resizing the mounting plate to hide the plywood or metal it is made from or paint it.

5. Ceiling Mounts


A ceiling mount is a unique method to hang your TV on the wall without studs. Since most ceilings have beams or joists, which serve the same function as studs, then your TV is secure on the ceiling. However, you may need to purchase longer screws to reach the joists, depending on your home design.


Mounting a TV on the wall without using Studs is possible and easy. Using our recommendation above, you can save space by mounting your TV and saving your wall simultaneously. In addition, it is crucial to do a proper evaluation of your wall before deciding on a suitable method.

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