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10 Reasons Your Phone is Hot and Fixes

From sending emails to binge-watching our favorite shows and keeping in touch with friends and family, our smartphones are almost inseparable from our daily lives. That means they need to be in a good condition at all times because a fault can disrupt the functions of the phone.

As phones continue to be used throughout the day, many may experience overheating. Overheating can also lead to different problems, including chip damage, forced shutdown, and battery drain or damage. The point is, no one likes a phone that is hotter than usual. Below we discussed why your phone gets so hot and how to keep it from overheating.

Reasons Your Phone Is Hot

Reason 1: You are Overusing It

Physics explains that the non-stop usage of a device will consume a lot of energy dissipated as heat. That being said, your phone can get hot while you are using it, and this typically points out that you are doing something heavy or overusing your phone. For example, a huge download or intensive video will likely cause your phone to be hot. Also, having many apps opened at once or doing many things at a time for long hours can get your phone hot.

Fix: One of the first things to do when your phone is overheating is to close down all unused apps. Close the idle tabs or log out of them to save battery and reduce overheating. Also, unplug it if you are charging and reduce the brightness to cool it down. 

Reason 2: Faulty Battery

Damaged batteries can heat up beyond normal, sometimes to a dangerous level. When charging such a battery, they can heat up because they can’t withstand the stress of charging.

Fix: If it’s a battery problem, you will need to change the battery or visit a repair store to fix it.

Reason 3: Internal Damage or Malware

Internal damage is another primary cause of overheating. Such damage stops the phone from functioning properly or stresses the phone, thus causing it to overheat. Also, phones like android are susceptible to malware, spyware, and viruses, which can cause overheating problems. This often happens after installing unsafe or unapproved apps. 

Fix: Internal damage is best fixed by a professional phone repairer. Also, if you suspect a fake or unsafe app on your phone, try uninstalling them. You can learn how to spot dangerous apps so you can remove them.

Reason 4: High Outside Temperature 

Your phone’s internal temperature is also based on the temperature outside, so if the environment is cool, your phone will likely be too, and if it’s extra hot, your phone too can get hot. 

Fix: Keep your phone from direct sunlight because once your phone is exposed to light, it will retain it. The longer the exposure to sunlight, the hotter your phone gets. Also, try restarting your phone.

Reason 5: You Are Not Charging Your Phone Correctly

If your phone is overheating from the back when charging, it could be because you are using a damaged charger for your phone or the charging port has a problem. Also, placing your phone on soft surfaces like a bed or sofa may retain the heat produced from charging, causing your device to overheat.

Fix: Always use a reputable charger (preferably the original one from the phone’s manufacturer) when charging your phone. Also, place your phones on a hard surface when charging. In addition, remove the phone case if there is one because they can trap heat, and this won’t solve the problem.

Lastly, it’s recommended to stop charging once your phone hits 80% because it’s likely to overheat when it’s at a full charge. Besides, a full charge can shorten the lifespan of your battery.

Reason 6: Out of Date or Malicious App

Although this is uncommon still, expired or faulty apps can cause your phone to work overtime and then overheat. Also, buggy apps can cause the phone to overheat. For instance, if you update an app and the new version doesn’t run well on your phone, your phone will expend a lot of energy trying to keep up with the app demands. 

Fix: Keep your system and apps up to date for optimal performance. You should also get an antivirus to get rid of malware or uninstall apps that don’t run well on your device.

Reason 7: Intensive Camera Use

If you are taking pictures and you get the warning about temperature too high, it could be because of prolonged camera use.  This is even more likely to happen if you are taking pictures under the sun with high screen brightness and high resolution.

Fix: Pause the video recording or photo session, reduce the brightness, and if possible, switch to an airplane mode

Reason 8: Your Case Is Heating Your Phone 

Phone cases are often made from insulated materials like leather or plastic, which can retain heat. If your phone is in high performance, the case can absorb the heat. Most of the time, the case isn’t the sole cause of overheating but can contribute to it.

Fix: The only option you have is removing your phone case until it cools down. 

Reason 9: Apps Are Running In The Background 

Having your apps run in the background may cause your phone to heat up. This is because they are running even when you are not using them and as such expending energy. The background app refresh works by updating your app activities so that you get notifications when you have a new like on Facebook or a new comment from Instagram.

Fix: Delete or offload apps you don’t use, switch off the background app refresh feature for some apps and turn off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use. You also turn off the location services of some apps. Also, turn on airplane mode when you are not using the phone. 

Reason 10: There is A Bug In The Operating System

If your phone system has a bug or a defective processor, then you may experience overheating. This is very common with old models as they are not designed to handle a lot of workloads. Also, overfilled storage can cause the operating system to malfunction. 

In addition, something as minor as buildup dust in the speaker can block ventilation which then causes your phone to overheat.

Fix: Keep your mobile phone clean by especially the charging ports and speakers. Try to trash unused apps, photos, and junk to create space and see a repairer if you’ve tried all fixes with no positive result.

Finally, ‘warm’ is normal. If your phone is warm after a call or a game, you have nothing to worry about. However, excessive and consistent temperature means there is something you need to address. Follow the tips below, and hopefully, you will solve the problem. 

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