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Freedom Mobile Plans Canada Review

Freedom mobile plans are an excellent option for several reasons. However, the top reason is that they are affordable, especially when compared to big wireless companies’ mobile plans.

However, while Freedom is a great network, the question remains, is Freedom Mobile good enough for me?

If you are a first-time mobile user in Canada or an existing one looking to switch to a different network, here’s an article containing everything you need to know about Freedom Mobile, the plans, the coverage, pros and cons, and if it’s something you may like to switch to.

Who Owns Freedom Mobile?

Shaw Communications own Freedom Mobile, and they are currently the 4th largest mobile network company in Canada. As of 2020, Freedom Mobile users were estimated at 1, 767, 155.

The only thing that separates Freedom Mobile from the top 3 mobile network companies is the difference in the number of users. Freedom Mobile offers low-cost plans perfect for mobile users with budget constraints.

How Good is Freedom Mobile?

Freedom Mobile used to be characterized by low data speed and inadequate coverage. However, since the acquisition of Freedom Mobile by Shaw Companies in 2016. The network and coverage have expanded considerably hence their spot as the 4th largest. They even launched a 4G LTE network and now offer unlimited plans and big data plans with no charges for data overages. Freedom Mobile has really come a long way since the acquisition and now covers about 98% of Canadian territory.

Freedom Mobile main focus is to offer solutions to 4 main problems people face with many wireless providers;

–      No charges for data overages. Overages are a very overwhelming cost on big network providers

–      Low rates for generous plans

–      Cheap phone deals and payment plans

–      Supports flat monthly fees so that you can pay for the whole year.

Freedom Mobile Coverage

Freedom Mobile coverage is available in major Canadian cities and towns, including Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.  Freedom Mobile breaks their coverage into 2 major types;

1.     Freedom:

Coverage and access to mobile plans when you are in major cities or towns with coverage.

2.    Freedom Nationwide

This option lets you flip to a partner network when you are in a location where Freedom doesn’t have coverage.

When it comes to coverage, Freedom Mobile is limited to Major cities but offers the Freedom Nationwide alternatives to users outside Major coverage cities. Check out their coverage map here.

Freedom Mobile Plans Review

Freedom offers both postpaid and prepaid plans, and you can access the cheapest prepaid plan at just $9 while the cheapest postpaid plan costs $15.

Some of Freedom’s plans and cost are;

1.     Freedom Mobile Unlimited Texting $14 plan

Type: Prepaid

Calls: $1.5 per minute for nationwide calls

Data: None

Text: Unlimited texting

Activation Fee: $20

Sim Card Fee: $10

2.     Freedom Mobile $15 plan

Calls: 100 minutes of Canada-wide calls and unlimited incoming calls

Text: Unlimited Text and MMS

Data: 250 MB per month

Activation Fee: $10

Sim Card Fee: $10

3.    Freedom Mobile $19 Plan (New activations only)

Type: Prepaid

Calls; Unlimited Minutes per month

Text; Unlimited Texting

Data: 1.5GB data per month for12 months

Activation Fee: $10

Sim Card Fee: $10

4.    Freedom Mobile $30 Plan

Type: Prepaid

Calls; Unlimited Minutes per month

Text; Unlimited Texting

Data: 1GB data per month

Activation Fee: $10

Sim Card Fee: $10

5.    Freedom Mobile $29 Plan (Promo)

Type: Postpaid

Calls: Unlimited Minutes

Text: Unlimited

Data: 1GB + 500MB bonus

6.    Freedom Mobile $35 Data Plan

Type: Prepaid

Calls: Unlimited minutes per month

Text: Unlimited per month

Data: 1Gb + 2GB bonus

7.    Freedom Mobile $39 Plan

Type: Prepaid

Calls; Unlimited Minutes per month

Text; Unlimited Texting

Data: 3GB data per month

Activation Fee: $10

Sim Card Fee: $10

8.    Freedom Mobile $40 Plan

Type: Prepaid

Calls; Unlimited Minutes per month

Text; Unlimited Texting

Data: 2GB data per month + 8GB bonus

Activation Fee: $10

Sim Card Fee: $10

9.    Freedom Mobile $50 Big Gig Plan

Type: Postpaid

Call: Unlimited minutes per month

Text: Unlimited texting per month

Data: 20GB per month

Activation Fee: $20

Sim Card Fee: $10

10. Freedom Mobile $60 Big Gig Plan

Calls: Unlimited Minutes Canada-wide


Mobile Data: Unlimited (15Gb)

Activation Fee: $20

Sim Card Fee: $10

11.  Freedom Tablet Plan

Data: 4GB for $15 per month

12. Freedom Nationwide Talk and Text $99 Annual Plan

Type: Prepaid

Calls; Unlimited Canada wide Minutes per month

Text; Unlimited Texting

Data: GIG per use. $15 per GB for 30 days

Activation Fee: $10

Sim Card Fee: $10

13. Freedom Mobile $199 Plan

This a prepaid plan with $199 as the annual plan.

Calls: Unlimited calls all year

Text: Unlimited texts all year

Data: 5GB per year

Activation Fee: $10

Sim Card Fee: $10

Freedom Mobile Activation and Sim Card Fee

Activation fee for Freedom Mobile plans is $10 and another $10 for a new sim card regardless on prepaid plans. Activation on post-paid plans is $20 while sim card remains $10.  Note that this only applies during first purchase and subsequent payment isn’t required.

My Tab Offers

Freedom Mobile offers My Tab plans for clients who need a new phone to get the Freedom Mobile plans. With this offer, you get discount device purchases and a financing (contract) option where you get to pay within 2 years. I.e. you pay a portion of the phone price upfront then pay the remaining balance by adding a monthly payment within a period of 2 years. The plans for My Tab offers are often postpaid.

If you are not looking to buy a phone because you already own one, you can also bring your own device (BYOD) to get the Freedom plans without a contract agreement and at a cheaper plan rate.


–      Very affordable mobile plans

–      No contract plans, no credit card check

–      Cheap data plans

–      Canada –wide calling on all plans

–      Unlimited texting to US and Canada

–      Fast LTE data network

–      No overage charges

–      Bundled international calling offer on upper plans without the need for add on or extra fee

–      Monthly discount if you bundle a phone line and the internet package


–      Coverage isn’t available outside major cities but there is the Freedom Mobile option

–      Customer service is store based or self-serve

Freedom Mobile Plans iPhone

Freedom Mobile when they first launched didn’t work on iphones or sell iPhones. But now, all ipjones work on Freedom Mobile and Freedom Mobile phone deals include various models of iPhones.

Some of the best Iphone deals are;

1.     Freedom Mobile Plan iPhone 11

This requires $0 upfront payment and $60 monthly plan fee

Data: 10GB + 10GB Bonus

Calls: Unlimited minutes

Text: Unlimited

2.    Freedom Mobile Plan iPhone SE (64gb)

Requires  24 month tab payment at $5 and $40 Monthly plan fee

Data: 14Gb with unlimited calls and text

Note that these plans are bound by contract.

Freedom Mobile Roaming Fees?

Freedom Mobile offers roaming plans for international travels, and plans range between $10 and $96 depending on the location, duration and how much data you need.

The 3 major roaming options are;

1.     1GB Freedom Nationwide +  US: This works within the US and costs $20 with an add-on of 1GB

2.    Big Gig Roam Extra: Cost ranges between $5 and $10 per day and offers unlimited calls, texts and extra data to use abroad.

3.    World Traveller Discount: This is for people who travel often. The roaming plan allows you to unlock reduced roaming rates in 60 different locations around the world for just $8 per month.

Freedom Mobile Cancellation Fees

Cancellation fees depend on your plans. Prepaid is a no-contract plan and  doesn’t require cancellation fees if you were to opt-out.

On the other hand, Postpaid includes a contractual agreement and terms of services, and you will have to pay all charges incurred up to date.

Freedom Mobile Add-Ons

Freedom offers add-on programs, including one where you can have an international calling for a small monthly fee. Other popular add-ons are;

·         Unlimited US-Wide calling: Costs $5 per month and allows you to make unlimited calls to the US

·         1GB Full Speed Data: If your data runs low fast, you can add an extra 1GB to any play for $15

·     Voicemail Upgrade: With $4 per month, you get increased storage and transcription options for your voicemails

Check here for more information on add-ons

Can I Tether My Mobile?

Freedom Mobile allows you  to tether your phone to your phone, laptop, gaming consoles, and other devices provided your device allows it.

Freedom Mobile Customer Service

You can access Freedom Mobile support system by walking into a Freedom mobile store using WhatsApp, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook messenger or an online customer agent. The customer care centre is accessible from Monday to Friday within 8 am to 1 am. There are also phone numbers you can call to talk to a customer care agent at no cost.

Overall, is Freedom Mobile A Good Network?

Being the 4th network provider must mean something. It means it’s a very competitive network. Freedom mobile also offers  generous plans, and the BIG GIG data plans are currently the amazing plans in Canada now,

The main downside is that coverage is only available in major cities. Still, Freedom Mobile offers the Freedom Nationwide coverage that allows users to switch to a partner mobile plan in areas without coverage.

In summary, Freedom Mobile is a good option if you want low rate plans, a large amount of data and of course, if you are usually in any of the major cities with good Freedom Mobile coverage.

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