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Chatr Mobile Plans in Canada Review

Anyone with a phone, especially a smartphone, needs a phone plan to stay connected to the world. Hence, the popularity of Network operators like Chatr that offers low-cost plans for mobile phone users.

Want to know more about Chatr plans and Network coverage, their mobile plans and if the network is right for you? This article answers all your questions about Chatr Mobile.

Some Frequently Asked Questions;

Who Owns Chatr Wireless?

Chatr Mobile, formerly known as Chatr Wireless, is among the most used network operator in Canada. It started operating in 2010 and is owned by Rogers, one of the biggest networks in Canada. Rogers launched Chatr to offer low-cost plans to customers, and right now, they are among the cheapest network provider in Canada.

This means Chatr doesn’t own all the Network towers, Rogers does, but Chatr pulls the network from Rogers. Thus if Rogers works in your area, Chatr will too.

Is Chatr and Rogers the Same?

Not exactly. While Rogers and Chatr operate on the same network. They offer different mobile plans and appeal to different demographics.

How Good Is Chatr Mobile Plans Coverage?

As said earlier, Chatr will work anywhere Rogers works. Chatr operates on Rogers Network. Rogers network offers a broad and strong coverage reaching up to 15 million Canadians, so you should expect the same from Chatr. Coverage extends across Canada’s urban areas, including Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, Montreal and Calgary.

You also can find a Chatr map here, showing the different coverage zones of the network in Canada. Dial the code *#556# to know if Chatr is available in your area. It’s important to confirm if Chatr works in your location before subscribing to a data plan.

Chatr Mobile Network

Rogers offers 4G and 5G services, but Chatr plans only operate on 3G with a download speed of 2.2MB/sec and upload speed of 0.7MB/sec. Chatr Mobile will work on these frequencies for BYOD devices: HDSPA: 850 MHz or 1900 MHz.

Also, Chatr used to offer In-zone plans and coverage until 2018, when they switched to more generic mobile plans that are not confined by Zones. Users who signed up with Chatr before 2019 have plans that work on in-zone coverage.

What is the Difference Between Regular Coverage and In-Zone Coverage?

Regular coverage includes a particular amount of data, talk and text plans that follow you around for a month. This means you pay for a plan and get exactly what you paid for, and it works no matter where you are in Canada as long as there’s network coverage.

In-zone, on the other hand, offers data that works in specific zones. If you use data or make calls outside of those zones, you will incur pay-per-use charges. Also, in-zone plans come with a set amount of 3G data, and once you surpass your limit, you have to wait until your next billing date. However, you will be able to browse after you pass your limit but at a very low data speed.

In-zone plans are common in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa and Vancouver. For new Chatr users, you will automatically be on Regular coverage. If you are an existing user with In-zone coverage, you can consider moving to a plan that offers regular nationwide plans.

Is Chatr Unlimited Plans?

Chatr doesn’t offer unlimited data plans, but they do offer Unlimited Throttled Downloads in Canada.

What does this mean? It means users can’t purchase ‘unlimited’ data plans, the highest data you can get on Chatr is 10.5 Gb, and it’s one of the most expensive plans. Still, when you exceed your limit, Chatr allows you to keep browsing but at a very slow speed until you renew your plan. So try to stay within your allotment to remain connected to the internet.

What Are The Popular Chatr Mobile Plans and Cost?

Chatr Plans are inexpensive and great for mobile phone users on a budget. 

Below is the list of their plans;

Budget-Friendly Plans

All their plans in this category are cheap and offer call display, call forwarding and group calling.

1.     Chatr Mobile $15 per month plan

Calls: 100 Canada wide minutes and unlimited incoming

Text: Unlimited International Text

Data: None, but if you are on auto-pay, you get a 250 MB bonus per month

Voice Mail: Costs $0.40 per minute to retrieve voicemails

2.     Chatr Mobile $25 per month plan

Calls: Unlimited Canada-wide minutes

Texts: Unlimted International text

Data: None, per month, but you get 500MB bonus per month on Auto Pay

Voicemail: Cost included in mobile plan

3.   Chatr Mobile $25 per month plan (2nd option)

Calls: Unlimited incoming Canada wide

Text: Unlimited Test

Data: 500MB per month and if you are on Auto Pay, 500 bonus per month

Voice Mail: Costs $0.40 to retrieve

Unlimited Plans

Offers voicemail, international talk saver, call display, call forwarding and group calling. These plans are mostly for heavy data users.

4.    Chatr Mobile $35 per month Plan

Data: 1GB per month

Auto Pay: 500MB bonus per month

Calls: Unlimited Canada-wide

Test: Unlimited International Text

5.    Chatr Mobile $40 per month

Data: 4GB per month

AutoPay: 500MB per month

Calls: Unlimited Canada-wide

Test: Unlimited International Text

6.    Chatr Mobile $45 per month plan

Data: 6GB per month

Autopay: 5OOMB. There is a current offer for new users to get 2GB bonus data per month for 8 months if you subscribe between January 28 to February 22.

 Calls: Unlimited Canada-wide

Test: Unlimited International Text

7.    Chatr Mobile $50 per month plan

Data: 8GB per month

AutoPay: 500MB per month

Calls: Unlimited Canada-wide

Test: Unlimited International Text

8.    Chatr Mobile $55 per month plan

Data: 10.5Gb per month

AutoPay: 500Mb per month, and free 2GB bonus per month for 8 months when you newly sign to this plan within January 28 and February 22 (2021)

Calls: Unlimited Canada-wide

Test: Unlimited International Text

Note that all Chatr plans operate on 3G. All plans are prepaid, and you do not require credit checks or are bound by contracts. You can cancel plans at any time without any cancellation fee.

What Does Auto Pay Mean?

Although Chatr plans have no contract, you can enroll in plans with autopay and get bonus data. Signing up for Auto Pay requires you to register with a credit card for monthly billing.

Does Chatr Offer Data Rollover?

No, there is no data rollover option for unused data.

What are Chatr Pay Per Use Rates?

If you do not wish to subscribe to a plan, Chatr also offers Pay Per Use. Pay per use fees are as follows;

Calls: $0.25 per minute for out of Zone plans and $0.40 for local talk plan

Texts: $0.25 per outgoing message for out of Zone plans and $0.40 for local talk plan

MMS: $0.50 per outgoing message

Data: $0.05 per MB

Note that these charges vary.

Does Chatr Offers Bring Your Phone Plans?

Yes. You can bring your own phone and get access to Chatr Plans as long as your phone supports Chatr’s LTE network (i.e., supports 850 or 1900MHz frequencies). If you have your phone locked to another carrier, you will need to unlock it. You can stop at any Chatr store to start the unlocking process.

What About Chatr Buy a Phone Plans?

Chatr also offers cheap phone deals in case you need a new phone to use the Chatr plans/ All phones are unlocked; however, there are no discount offers or 2-year contracts on new phones because the plans are prepaid.

Can I Buy a Chatr Card Online?

Yes. Chatr sim cards are available in walk-in as well as online stores and cost $10.

What about Activation Cost?

No activation fee on Chatr plans, but you will require a sim card for BYOD plans, which costs $10.

Chatr Mobile Roaming Fee

Unlike the parent company, Rogers, Chatr doesn’t offer Roaming plans. Chatr charges for roaming on pay per use, and it is at a costly rate. For example, if you are travelling to Italy. Roaming costs will be;

Calls: $2.50 per minute for incoming and outgoing calls

Data: $30 per MB

Text Messages: Incoming messages are free. Outgoing costs $0.40 per message

Multi-Media Messages: $0.50 per message plus an extra $30.00 per MB

The current rate for all destinations around the world is available on Chatr Roaming Page.

Chatr International Calls Rates

If you make international calls often, Chatr has calling rates, and the cost depends on the country.

For Instance, if you call the US often. There is a $45 per month unlimited Canada and US calling.

Calls to China costs $0.03 per minute.

India: $0.03 per minute

Greece: $0.01 per minute to landline and $0.03 to mobile

Check their website for the full list of fees for International Calls.

Conclusion: Chatr Pros and Cons


–      Cheap mobile plans, one of the cheapest

–      No contract agreement required

–      No Credit Check required

–      Most plans offer unlimited texting and Canada-wide calling

–      Good Network coverage; covers more than 90% of the Canadian population

–      Offers Unlimited Download Throttle, i.e. you can continue to use internet services even if you’ve exhausted your plan limit. No additional costs.


–      Offers only 3G internet services

–      No finance or 2-year contract offer for buying devices

–      No roaming package

–      For in-zone plans, identifying zones outside your coverage may be confusing, but you can switch to a nationwide coverage

Chatr mobile is pretty reliable, offers decently priced plans, and the only major downside is the 3G data speed. 

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