Koodoo Plans in Canada Review

Koodoo plans are great options for the young generation, especially college and high school students. Telus Mobility created Koodoos  in 2008 to target customers who don’t find Telus ideal for them, and now, Koodoo has become one of the best cell phone carriers in Canada.

This article covered everything you need to know about Koodoo plans and answers the frequently asked questions about the network.

About Koodoo Network

Koodoo operates on the Telus network, which makes it a fast and reliable network. Telus is one of the largest networks in Canada. With Koodoo, you reap all the network features and benefits of Telus.  Meanwhile, Koodoo doesn’t support the 5G network, but it seems they are on the way to achieve that.

However, their 4G network is at high speed, and they offer 5G-ready Koodoo phones.

Koodoo also works on HSPA+ and LTE networks.

Koodoo Mobile Plans

Koodoo prepaid plans are no-contract plans, and you can opt-out any time without a cancellation fee. Also, you can benefit from the plans by making payments with the company’s Automatic Top Up. All plans support Call Waiting, Call Display, Group Calling, and Voicemail.

Koodoo offers postpaid and prepaid plans with the postpaid plan starting from $25 and prepaid from $15.

1.     Koodoo $15 per month plan

Talk: 100 minutes

Text: Unlimited

Data: None

2.    Koodoo $25 per month plan

Talk: Unlimited

Text: Unlimited

Data: 250MB when you sign up with top up

3.    Koodoo $30 per month plan

Talk: Unlimited

Text: Unlimited

Data: 500Mb + extra 500Mb if you sign up with top up

4.    Koodoo $30 Data Only Plan

Talk: None

Text: None

Data: 1Gb per month

5.    Koodoo $40 per month plan

Talk: Unlimited

Text: Unlimited

Data: 1Gb + 500MB when you sign up with Top Up

6.    Koodoo $45 per month plan

Talk: Unlimited

Text: Unlimited

Data: 4.5GB + 500Mb when you sign up with top up

7.    Koodoo $60 per month plan

Talk: Unlimited

Text: Unlimited


8.    Koodoo $65 per month plan

Talk: Unlimited

Text: Unlimited

Data: 7.5 Gb + 500Mb when you sign up with Top Up

9.    Koodoo $75 per month plan

Talk: Unlimited

Text: Unlimited

Data: 10 Gb + 500Mb when you use Top Up

Koodoo Tab Plans

Koodoo is popularly known for the great offers on their tab plans. You have to buy from Koodoo to get these offers. Koodoo allows you to buy a new phone (they have numerous options), and you have to pay for 24 months. However, they give you the ability to pay a specific amount every month for 24 months. For example, for iPhone X, you have the option to pay $300 upfront and pay $3o per month for 24 months or  pay 0$ upfront and then pay $4o per month for 24 months. With this plan, your per-month payment on the phone is an addition to your monthly data plans.

In summary, the payment options on your new phone come with matching plans, which offer unlimited talk, text, and data of up to 10GB. If you choose this option, make sure to select a payment option that matches your plan needs.

In summary, tab plans work by

–      Picking a phone of your choice with Koodoo

–      Choose a Tab Size (Upper or Lower) and eligible monthly plan

–      Your balance will be split into 24 months with matching mobile plans

–      After 2 years and completed payment, the phone is yours to keep.


What is Koodoo Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Services?

If you already have your own 4G/HSPA device compatible with Koodoo network, you can bring it instead of buying a new phone. You get the Koodoo plans without tab charges. Your phone must be carrier-unlocked, and you get it unlocked with Koodoo.

How is Koodoo Network Coverage?

 Telus covers about 99% of Canada, and so does Koodoo. Network coverage is widely found in Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Mid to Southern Saskatchewan, Southern Newfoundland, and Labrador.

It’s also available in;

  • Mid and Souther British Columbia but with higher concentrations around Vancouver
  • Southern Ontario, with higher concentrations in Toronto and Ottawa
  • Southern Quebec, with higher concentrations in Montreal and Quebec City
  • Southern Manitoba with higher concentrations around Winnipeg area
  • Yukon, Northwest, and Nunavut in low concentration

Koodoo also offers extended coverage beyond coverage and offer roaming options for travelers outside Canada.

 Koodoo Phones Offer?

Koodoo offers a wide range of phones if you need a new phone to start with the Koodoo plan. The Kooda phones are one of the best deals, and you get the phones at affordable rates. You pay an amount comfortable for you upfront and spread out the remaining balance over 2 years. For instance, you can 40% of the phone cost upfront and pay the remaining 60% over 24 months.

Koodoo Long Distance Fee?

Note that the unlimited talk and text offer on most of the Koodoo plans is Canada-wide. International calls cost 50 cents per minute.

If you make international calls often, Koodoo has plans for you;

1.     International Long Distance Saver

Costs $3 per month and lets you make calls to Australia, France, UK, China, Germany, India, US, and Mexico for 5 cents per minute.

* Calls to Pakistan and Phillippines costs 10 cents per minute and 15 cents per  minute respectively for the same plan.

2.    Country Specific Calling Plans

This plan allows unlimited calling to the US, China, France, and the UK for $10 to $20 per month. $20 per month for 1000 minutes to India and 2 cents per minute if you exceed your limit.

Activation and Sim Fees?

The activation fee costs $45 for new sims; however, the sim is free if you order online. Sim cards price differs from store to store, but it’s also free online.

Exclusive Offers and Features on Koodoo?

One of the best things about Koodoo plans is the perks customers get regardless of their plan. Some of the features include;

1.     Koodoo Self Serve

With Koodoo, you can create self-serve accounts on your mobile to make payments, track usage, find quick fixes, and get fast answers to any questions you have. Self-serve offers all the support and makes it easy to keep track of new information and promotions.

2.    Shock-Free Data

This feature makes it easy to take a break from using data. Once you are close to the limit, you can take a break from data consumption. You can also track your data consumption using the Koodoo self-serve feature. Koodoo also sends notifications once you spend 50% and 90% of your data.

3.    Booster Add Ons

If a prepaid plan isn’t enough for you, There are up to 15 booster add ons o Koodoo to boost your plan. It works for prepaid plans, and for a very cheap price, you can get a data, talk, text,  or roam boost. For instance, if you need more data or minutes, you can use the booster add-on to grab up to 3Gb data or 1,800 minutes for $30.

4.    Easy Roam

Koodoo offers easy roaming features, which travelers will find very valuable. Koodoo offers a pay-per-day plan for roaming activities. It cost $8 per day for use in the US and $12 for international travel. This is a fair price, especially when compared to pay per use charge common with other network providers. Easy roam covers over 100 countries.

5.    Koodo Refer-a-friend Reward

By referring a friend or family to use Koodoo, you will get rewarded. Koodoo offers Referral programs that get you and the person you referred $5 off your monthly plans for 5 months.

 What’s The Best Koodoo Plan?

The best plan varies by user, and it’s about choosing a plan best for your needs. If you make use of a lot of data, you can go for the Koodoo $65 per month plan for 7.5 Gb, and if you need a plan for just text and calls, you can settle for the Koodoo $25 per month plan for unlimited talk and text through the month.

What We Like:

–      Koodoo offers affordable plans with great features.

–      Koodoo is an excellent option for people who frequently travel as the roaming rates are cheap

–      They have several retail stores, and contacting them is easy

–      You can easily access customer service through the Koodoo self serve feature

–      You can buy a phone from Koodoo and save a lot of money

–      All high data plans come with unlimited talking and texting

–      No fixed-term contracts

–      Wide network coverage

–      Doesn’t require credit checks for prepaid plans

What We Don’t Like

–      Expensive customer service. Koodo offers self-serve options but charges fees if you contact their customer service to make any request that can be done by yourself for free on the Koodoo self-serve portal.

–      Also takes time to reach Customer Care through the phone

In summary, Koodoo is a good network carrier with many affordable plans and offers. 

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