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iPhone 12 price in Canada – Is it Worth it?

Apple launched the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 in October 2020 as a successor to the iPhone 11, releasing four different variations at one time. The smartphone is designed with new features, improved design, a faster processor, and better specifications than the earlier Apple smartphones. It is the first 5G iPhone, which makes it something different from others.

If you are using its predecessor, iPhone 11, you will notice various upgrades in specifications and even much more if you are using older series of iPhones; the difference is noticeable. It is available in two sizes: the 6.1-inch and 5.4-inch called the iPhone 12 Mini.

The new iPhone 12 is less expensive than the iPhone 12 Pro but is it worth buying?

iPhone 12 Core Specs

Build: dimensions of 5.78 x 2.81 x 0.29 in
Weight: 5.78 oz
Display: 6.1 in, 1170 x 2532 pixels, 460ppi Water-resistance (depth of 6 meters for 30 minutes)
Rear Cameras: 12MP
Front Camera: 12MP
Storage: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB


From the immediate appearance of the iPhone, it is obvious it is different from its immediate predecessors. It has a down to flat screen compared to the pillowed display of the iPhone 11 created by an aluminum band that connects the front and back matt-glass panels to create a flat rather than curved edge.

The new flattened edges coupled with the noticeably slimmer bezels around the edge of the display make iPhone 12 a smaller footprint than iPhone 11, as Apple said, about 15% less volume. The front screen uses a much stricter glass than before, which is known as Ceramic Shield. It gives it four times better resistance against resistance if the phone drops on the ground or any other hard surface. The 6.1-inch display is also OLED, an improvement from the LCD found on iPhone 11.

Another improvement is the screen resolution, from a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch to 460ppi. If you hold the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 side by side, it is clear that iPhone 12 has a better screen resolution. All the iPhone 12 handsets can be used with a 5G sim, which is the first of its kind in the iPhone series. The smartphone runs on the Apple A14 Bionic chipset and Neural Engine, which is extremely fast.

Colour options

You can have the iPhone 12 in different colors – black, white, green, blue, or red – depending on your taste. White and black have been one of Apple’s mainstay since iPhone 3G; the red color has been a regular feature, but iPhone 12 offers something new in its all-new shades and the welcoming green look option that is more pastel than last year’s peppermint shade. The blue color is also slightly different than for iPhone 11 in that it is darker, luscious, and elegant, catching the light on the motion.

Cameras, photos, and videos

There are two rear cameras and a front one, the combination of these produces a 2x optical zoom. The primary camera has a bigger aperture than the earlier iPhone series, allowing the light to enter the camera faster. The front camera and the rear ones have a 12-megapixel resolution.

The night mode option, which activates automatically in low-light situations and allows photos to be taken in a low-light environment, is available on all three cameras, as is the Deep Fusion. iPhone 12 is the first series all the cameras of an iPhone will have. The camera can also record a 4K video in Dolby Vision, producing a cinematic version that makes the film look more true to life.

In all, the camera works excellently, and it can give you the feeling of a professional photographer.

New 5G Option

While other phone manufacturers have had this connectivity for more than two years, Apple made a new landmark with the 5G availability on iPhone 12. It is excellent news to expand the 5G connectivity because Apple’s adoption will likely drive growth and credibility.

The advantages of 5G are higher speeds; downloading a movie or a song comes at a higher rate, and streaming video is smoother; faster and stable connection to multiple devices at a time. Gaming also comes better due to the low latency of 5G.

Coupled with 5G, iPhone 12 was designed with Apple’s fastest-ever processor in this phone, the A14 Bionic. iPhone 11 A13 Bionic has rarely, if ever, been outgunned, so that we may expect similar class-leading performance here.

Battery life

Apple claims the battery life is longer than 15 hours when watching a video, but on the test, it has been noticed that it only lasts for about 15 hours. It takes about two hours to charge when using a 20w mains charger.

However, you can play around with this. For example, the 5G connectivity is configured to be used when needed. It means that you can switch between the 5G connectivity and 4G as required. You can save battery by settling for 4G. Compared to the iPhone 11, the battery life is almost the same, which improved from the earlier iPhone series.

The charging cable uses USB-C to Lightning, not the USB-A to Lightning cable found in earlier iPhones apart from the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. The iPhone 12 also has a new type of wireless charging technology called MagSafe. It works based on electromagnetism using magnets to ensure the chargers easily fit into position on the handset’s back. It is faster than Qi, the wireless charging technology embedded into iPhone 11.

Is the price worth it?

The iPhone 12 represents one of the most advanced improvements in the smartphone industry – eye-catching build, display, and design, the new 5G connectivity option, fast processor, more durable glass, improved cameras, and battery life that matches that of iPhone 11.

Most times, the difference between a new iPhone series and its predecessor is not always glaring, but the improvement of the iPhone 12 over the iPhone 11 is clear. It also has many excellent specifications found on the iPhone 12 Pro but without the hefty price tag. While it has a shorter battery life, less storage space, and dual rather than triple rear cameras, iPhone 12 is still a smartphone to beat. The price is justified when juxtaposed with its unique features. There is only one reason why you should buy the iPhone 12 Pro. You should get it only if you had the latest iPhone. That is the only way the pro comes out as a winner. It will come at a price, of course.

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