Koodoo Prepaid Plans Canada Review

Prepaid plans simply mean you pay upfront for the plans. Therefore, like other prepaid plans, Koodoo Prepaid plans require you to pay for your plan monthly to enjoy the plans’ features.

The prepaid plans are different from postpaid plans, which are contract plans usually for 12 months or 24 months. They come with an auto-renew feature, so it renews every month, and you get your bill at the end of the billing cycle.

Koodoo Prepaid plans are great plans for mobile phone users, and in this article, we have covered things you know about Koodoo plans in case you’re thinking of switching to this internet provider.

About Koodoo Prepaid Plans

Koodoo is a Telus-owned Telecommunication company that offers both prepaid and postpaid plans. They operate on the same network as Telus and has been around since 2008.

Koodoo prepaid plans are contract-free plans that require no credit check. You also don’t need to buy a phone from Koodoo if you already have your device to use with the network provider.

These plans are best for customers who are conscious of cost but need a small plan to contact people. Most Koodoo Prepaid plans offer unlimited minutes and texting, and users also get incentives like discounts for an automatic top-up, booster add-ons, and activation credits.

Koodoo Prepaid Plans

There is no string attached with Koodoo Prepaid plans. You can cancel anytime at no cost.

Some of the plans are;

1.     Koodoo $15 prepaid base plans

This is the cheapest Koodoo Prepaid plan, and although it doesn’t offer much compared to other plans, you still get 100 minutes for $15 monthly.

However, you can use the Booster Add-ons to upgrade your call minutes, and data and you don’t need to renew monthly, unlike your standard plan. For instance, you can get a talk booster of 600 minutes for $30, and you will keep using the minutes until you consume it all.

2.    Koodoo $25 Prepaid Plan

This comes with unlimited Canada-wide minutes and unlimited international text, and 250 bonus data with autopay.

3.    Koodoo $30 Prepaid Base Plan

The $30 per month Koodoo prepaid plan also comes with Unlimited Nationwide minutes, international texting plus 500MB, and another 500MB if you sign up with autopay.

4.    Koodoo $30 Data Only Plan

There is another $30 per month plan but with a data-only feature. You get 1GB worth of data from this plan.

5.    Koodoo $35 Prepaid Base Plan

This is a high-value prepaid plan that offers unlimited talk and text for $35 monthly. That’s not all, you also get 1GB of data, and you will receive a 500MB bonus if you use the autopay option.

6.    Koodoo $40 Prepaid Base Plan

Also comes with Unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited texting, 1GB worth of data, and an extra 500MB if you use the automatic top-up option.

7.    Koodoo $45 Prepaid Base Plan

For $45 per month, you receive 4.5GB of data, unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited messaging, and 500MB extra data if you are on auto-pay.

8.    Koodoo $50 Prepaid Base Plans

The $50 per month plan is a great one for data use. It includes unlimited nationwide minutes, texts, and 5GB worth of data. You also get 500MB if you use the autopay option.

9.    Koodoo $65 Prepaid Plan

This is the most expensive Koodoo prepaid plan offering 7GB data, unlimited nationwide calling, unlimited messaging, and a 500MB bonus with the automatic top-up option.

Koodoo Prepaid plans have the Voicemail, Call display, call forwarding, and group calling feature.

Note: You should know that  your Koodoo account and SIM card will be deactivated if you are without a Kooodoo prepaid base plan for up to 90 days.  

Koodoo Prepaid Plans Boosters Add-Ons

A prepaid plan may not be perfect for some users’ needs which is why Koodoo introduced the Booster Add-Ons.

It simply means you can boost your data or text or talk time if the one you have on your plan isn’t enough.  This isn’t a monthly plan, and you can use it for as long as possible—no renewal or expiration.

Talk Time Booster:

  • $5 for 25 Canada-wide minutes
  • $10 for 100 Canada-wide minutes
  • $25 for 500 Canada-wide minutes
  • $30 for 1,800 Canada-wide minutes or 900 Long-distance minutes

Data Booster:

  • $10 for 100MB
  • $20 for 500MB
  • $30 for 1GB

These add ons do not expire.

Some Popular Features on Koodoo

Koodoo offers perks and incentives for new and existing customers. Some Koodoo features you should know about include;

–      Shock-Free Data

This feature protects you from data overage by sending you notifications when you are close to exhausting your data plan. This is a great perk as many network carriers do not alert users when they exhaust their data.

–      Easy Roam

Easy roam plans aren’t available for Prepaid plans, BUT you can use the pay-per-use rate, which charges $8 per day for the US and $12 for international use.

–      Booster Add-ons

As stated earlier, Booster add-on is a prepaid plan perk that allows you to boost your data, talk time, or text at an inexpensive rate.

– Refer a Friend Discount

If you refer a customer to activate an account with Koodoo, you both get a $25 credit paid out by deducting $5 from your monthly plan for five months.


Why is Koodoo Cheaper Than Telus?

Koodoo is a flanker company of Telus. Telus offers premium and huge plans that some customers find expensive or too much for their needs, thus creating Koodoo to serve users with little data need at an affordable price.

How Do I Set Up My Koodoo Prepaid?

Easy. First, you need to get a Koodoo SIM. You can get that online or in a Koodoo in-store. Then, you need to set up a Koodoo account on the Koodoo website, where you activate your SIM and select a prepaid plan from one of the base plans.

Payment method could be your credit or Visa Debit card, or you can purchase a top-up voucher in a Koodoo store.

How is Koodoo Network Coverage?

Koodoo works on Telus Mobility which covers 99% of Canada’s population. To enjoy Koodoo plans, you need a compatible phone with LTE /HSPA network and a carrier unlocked. Take a look at the coverage areas of Koodoo here.

What is the Cheapest Koodoo Plan?

The cheapest Koodoo prepaid plan is the $15 per month plan for 100 minutes of talk time and unlimited messaging.

Does Koodoo Have a 4G Network?

Yes, Koodoo offers both 3G and 4G LTE coast-to-coast networks. However, there is no Koodoo 5G service. The average download speed for the 4G network is 15.68Mbps, and the upload speed averages at 8.7Mbps.

Can’t Access Koodoo Self-Serve?

Koodoo offers self-serve services where customers can manage their plans, solve problems and make payments. Once you activate your sim, you can access the Koodoo Self-serve by visiting the Self-serve login page.

Does Koodoo Charge Long-Distance Fee?

Yes. The unlimited minutes on Koodoo Prepaid plans are for calls within Canada only.  To make calls outside the country, you will have to pay for it.

However, there are 2 long-distance plans to save you cost if you call other countries often.

–      International Long Distance Plan

It costs $3 per month and allows you to make calls to the US, Australia, India, UK, Germany, and China for $0.50 per minute.

$0.15 for Philippines and $0.10 for Pakistan

–      Country-Specific Calling

This allows you to have unlimited minutes to specific countries. For example, you can get unlimited minutes to call the US, China, France, and the UK for $10-$20 per month.

You can also get  1000 minutes for India at $20.

Does Koodoo Offer Data Rollover?

No data rollover. You have to use your data, or it expires after the end of your billing cycle. It’s different for call minutes and add-on boosters. Your call minutes and addon boosters will be rolled over the next month until you exhaust it.

Can I Tether My Mobile?

Yes, as long as your device supports tethering. However, Koodoo plans are low data plans and, in many cases, tethering consumes data that can exceed your data allotment for the month.

What About Koodoo Activation Fee?

The activation fee for new Koodoo lines is $45. However, Koodoo waives this fee of your order online.

Pros of Koodoo Mobile Prepaid Plans

–      Cheaper plans compared to postpaid

–      Require no contract or credit check

–      Bonus data with automatic top-up

–      Affordable talk and text and data plans

–      Access to add-ons and boosters for users to enjoy at a low price

–      These boosters and add-ons never expire

–      Comes with features like Shock-Free data on expensive plans

–      Unlimited messaging

–      Unlimited Canada-wide calling on most plans


–      No unlimited data option

–      Roaming isn’t compatible with prepaid plans

–      No data rollover offer

–      Customer service charges

In summary, if you are conscious of cost and need a cheap plan with good value, Koodoo is a great option. Their prepaid plans are inexpensive, with extra perks, bonuses and great for users who have no need for the huge data amount offered by Telus or other big telecommunication companies.                                                                       

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