Lucky Mobile Plans Canada Review

Lucky Mobile is a subsidiary of Bell Mobility, one of the biggest networks in Canada. Founded in 2017, this network carrier is fast becoming one of Canada’s largest telecommunication companies. Lucky Mobile is available in about 17 metro areas.

If you are looking to learn more or switch to Lucky Mobile Plans. Here’s a review of their services and Mobile Plans.

About Lucky Mobile 

As said earlier, Lucky Mobile is owned by Bell Mobility, and it runs on Bell’s network. Like other subsidiaries of the large telecommunications companies in Canada, Lucky Mobile is a less-expensive alternative. It targets the market segment who are budget conscious finds Bell Mobility plans too hefty.

Lucky Mobile offers Prepaid Plans only. This means signing up requires no contract or credit card, but you have to Bring Your Own Device.

Lucky Mobile Plans

Lucky Mobile offers Prepaid plans, which means you have to bring your own device to activate a plan. Their plans are budget-friendly, and they offer Voicemail, Call Display, Call Waiting, and 3-Way Calling. 

Lucky Mobile Plans Include;

1. Plan Price: $15 Per Month

Calls: 100 Canada-wide minutes

Text: Unlimited Canada-wide and International texts 

Data: 250MB if you are on autopay.

2. Plan Price: $25 Per Month

Calls: Unlimited Canada-wide minutes

Text: Unlimited Canada Wide & International

Data:    500MB at 3G speed   

Autopay Bonus: 500 MB 

3. Plan Price: $35 per month   

Calls: Unlimited Canada Wide

Text: Unlimited Canada Wide & International

Data: 1GB at 3G speed

AutoPay: 500 MB per Month

4. Plan Price: $40 per Month

Calls: Unlimited Canada Wide   

Text: Unlimited Canada Wide & International

Data: 4.5 GB at 3G speed   

Autopay: 500 MB 

5. Plan Price: $50 per Month

Calls: Unlimited Canada Wide & US Wide

Text: Unlimited Canada Wide & International

Data: 8 GB at 3G speed   

Autopay: 500 MB 

The data plans all work in 3G speed with a download speed of about 3Mbps.


Who owns Lucky Mobile?

Bell Mobility owns Lucky Mobile. All the 3 Biggest network carriers in Canada (Rogers, Bell and Telus) have subsidiaries to cater to the market their big plans can’t accommodate. Telus owns Koodoo and Rogers owns Fido.

Is Lucky Mobile Coverage Good?

Lucky Mobile uses Bell’s 4G network, which means you have no problem with wide connectivity. Bell covers about 99% of the population in Canada’s major cities, and so does Lucky Mobile. 

However, to keep costs in line, Lucky Mobile is throttled down to a 3G network and a lower speed of 3Mbps. 

Is 3G Speed Good Enough For Me?

3Mbps is close to 3G LTE speeds and whether it will be suitable for you or not depends on your data use. If you use data to catch up on Social media, chat with friends and reply to emails, 3G is a reasonable speed.

However, if you use your data for large downloads and streamings, you may find 3G annoyingly slow, especially if you are used to 4G speed.

Band frequencies include – LTE 1700 MHz or LTE 700 MHz bands, HSPA 850 MHz or 1900 MHz bands.

Does Lucky Mobile Cover My Area?

Before buying a Lucky Mobile Plan, you need to confirm the network works well in your area. If you are in any Urban Canada city, you may have no problem as the network covers most major cities.

Meanwhile, you can also your location coverage by checking out the Lucky Mobile Coverage Map. Some excellent coverage areas include Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City and Montreal. 

What Is The Cheapest Lucky Mobile Plan?

The lucky Mobile cheapest plan is $15 per Month for 100 Canada-wide minutes, Unlimited Canada-Wide and International texts and 250MB if you are on autopay.

Does Lucky Mobile Offer Data Overage Protection?

Lucky Mobile offers data overage protection. This means you will incur extra charges when you exceed your monthly data limit.

Once you reach your data limit, Lucky Mobile allows you to continue to use the internet but throttles down data speed from 3Mbps to 128kbps. Once you renew your plan, you get the 3Mbps rate again.

Is There International Calling Add-Ons?

Lucky Mobile offers a lot of add-ons, including international calling for those who make international calls often. International call rates largely depend on the location your calling. Lucky Mobile groups their Internation rates into 5 different regions. 

  • $5 per Month for any of these offers;

1. 300 minutes to Hong Kong and China

2. 200 minutes to International Region 1, which includes countries like the US, Australia, Sweden, India, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, South Korea, Ireland, Israel, Malta, Australia, Bermuda, Brunei, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Romania, Guam, and Sweden, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Colombia, Finland, India, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Mongolia, Norway, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico,

3. 75 minutes to International Region 2, which includes countries like Cambodia, American Samoa, Paraguay, New Zealand, Spain, Taiwan American Samoa, French Guiana Belgium, Laos, New Zealand, Peru, Paraguay, Thailand, Spain, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Mariana Islands, and Uzbekistan, Costa Rica, France, Czech Republic, Bhutan, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Germany, Guadeloupe, Greece, Hungary, Singapore Iceland, Japan, Malaysia, Martinique, 

4. 40 Minutes to International Region 3, which includes countries like Argentina, Netherlands Antilles Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Bahrain, Egypt, Guatemala, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Gibraltar, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Mauritius Island, Mayotte, Reunion Island Namibia, Nepal, Panama, Swaziland, Syria Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Macau, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, and Uruguay. 

5. 20 Minutes to International Region 4 includes Botswana, El Salvador, Brazil, Angola, British Virgin Islands, Grenada, Mozambique, New Caledonia, South Sudan, Dominica, Ecuador, Dem. Rep. Of Congo, Kyrgyzstan, Faroe Islands, Bolivia Fiji, Honduras, Iran, Nicaragua, Antigua Barbuda, Armenia, Aruba, Belize, Palestine, Qatar, Russia Iraq, Italy, Jamaica, Jordan, Barbados Kenya, Montserrat, Trinidad Tobago, French Polynesia, Uganda, Georgia, Ghana, Rwanda, Sudan, and Ukraine

6. 10 minutes to International region 5. Countries that fall here includes; Albania, Madagascar, Algeria, Burundi, Benin, Cameroon, Portugal, Tanzania, Cape Verde, Chile, Gabon, Switzerland, Moldova, Greenland, Lesotho, Comoros Malawi, Central African Republic, Mauritania, Morocco, St. Pierre Miquelon, Mali, and Tunisia.

Does Lucky Mobile Offer Phones?

Lucky Mobile is a prepaid network carrier. All plan options are for Bring Your Own Device, and it requires no contract or credit check. However, they have selected android phones for sale but without financing options like other network carriers. Also, you won’t find high-end phones like iPhones. If you purchase a phone you are not satisfied with, you can return it within 15 days.

Is There An Activation Fee For Lucky Mobile?

To start using Lucky Mobile, you need to get a SIM card that costs $10 in retail stores or free if you order online. The activation fee also costs $10, and it’s a one-time fee.

Do They Charge Roaming Fee?

Roaming outside of Canada isn’t allowed on Lucky Mobile. However, you can pick another prepaid sim when you get to your location if your phone is unlocked.

You can also make calls to anywhere in the world from Canada with the international add-on. 

Is Wi-Fi Calling and Tethering Available 

Wi-Fi Calling isn’t available, and Tethering depends on your current phone plan. 

What About Data Rollover?

No. Your unused data and minutes expire once you reach the end of your billing cycle. 

Are All Phones Compatible With Lucky Mobile?

Yes. As long as your phone is unlocked.

Lucky Mobile Features 

Lucky Mobile offer extra add-ons and features like;

  1. Automatic Top-Up

When you register for automatic top-up to pay for your mobile plans, Lucky Mobile will give you a data bonus on your selected plans.

2. Data Overage Protection: 

Lucky Mobile protects you from expensive data charges. Once you reach the limit, Lucky Mobile will cut off your data plan so that you can only browse at the reduced speed of 128Kbps instead of the normal 3Mbps.

3. Lucky Mobile My Account 

You can manage your data, track your usage, sign up for automatic top-up, manage add-ons right from the Lucky Mobile app.

4. Service Pass:

Lucky Mobile Service Pass is an add-on that allows you to manage your overall spending. It will enable you to add extra minutes, texts and data beyond your selected mobile plan. For instance, if you’re on the $15 mobile plan and you need additional minutes or data, you can use the service pass option to top up your existing plan. Service passes can be used within 30 days and can be priced at $3 or $5. 

Pros and Cons of Choosing Lucky Mobile Plans


  • Reasonable prices plans
  • Wide and good Network Coverage 
  • A lot of add-ons features
  • Cheap international callings
  • Unlimited minutes and texts on most plans
  • No contracts or Credit Checks
  • Bring your own Device plans 
  • Autopay bonus for loyal customers 
  • No data on overage charges 
  • You can manage your data and balance and add ons through the Lucky Mobile App


  • 3G speed
  • No Unlimited data offer
  • Limited data add-on
Final Words

The major downside of Lucky Mobile is the 3G speed and the unavailability of 4G. This cannot be very pleasant if you use your plans for heavy streaming and downloads. However, if you can look past the speed, Lucky Mobile has very budget-friendly plans with several add-ons and features that most of their customers love.

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