Bell Internet Plans Review

Sometimes bigger is better, especially when it comes to Bell internet plans. Bell is one of the top 3 internet providers in Canada with millions of subscribers in Canada.

However, like other internet providers, Bell has its pros and cons, perks, a variety of internet plans, and more. If you are considering switching to Bell or want to know more about the network provider, this review has you covered.

About Bell

Bell Mobility is a major Canadian telecom company with over nine million subscribers as of 2016. This network provider boasts an impressive network with about 10,000 towers across the country. Like the other Big 2 network carriers, Bell also offers prepaid and postpaid plans and device financing plans for customers who need a new phone for a Bell Mobility service.

Bell also offers a 5G network. It has the best network coverage and the fastest network speed in Canada. Bell also claims that the network reaches about 99% of Canada. However, only customers in major cities in Canada have access to a full-speed network. Therefore, you may not be able to use this network  provider in some provinces.

Bell Internet Plans

Bell plans are expensive. However, with over 9 million customers, they must be offering plans and services worth the cost.

Bell offers different internet plans along with bundling packages like Bell Fibe Internet. The current Bell plans are:

1. Bell Fibe Internet Services

The Bell Fibe Internet Availability map shows that only some provinces can benefit from the Bell Fibe Internet services. Bell offers fixed internet services, also knows as Bell Fibe internet. 

Bell Fibe Internet offers different plans at different speeds, prices and with some contract requirements.

The plans run from $49.95 to $129.95, depending on the amount of data you want and how fast you’d like it to be. The lowest price offers up to 100GB but with an average data speed while the highest offers unlimited data with very fast speed.

Some popular Fibe plans are:

— Fibe Internet

Cost: $49.95

Pro: Cheapest

Download Speed: 15Mbps

Upload Speed: 15Mbps


—   Fibe 50

Cost: $79.95

Download Speed: 50 Mbps

Upload Speed: 50 Mbps

Data: Unlimited

Pro: Best DSL plan

— Gigabit Fibe 1.5

Cost: $124.95

Download Speed: 1.5 Gbps

Upload Speed: 940 Mbps

Data: Unlimited

You can only enjoy this offer if you live in Ontario, Quebec,  and some other eastern provinces. Check out the Bell Fibe Internet Availability Map here to see if it’s available in your location.

2.    Unlimited

Bell Unlimited Plan is a post-paid plan, a top choice plan for people who need enough data to last them through the month without plans of sharing. Unlimited plans offer talk time, text, and data at full speed, and they start with 15GB for $80 and end with 50GB for $125 per month.

This data plan isn’t shareable, but you can keep all your family on the unlimited plan and get a $15 discount on each line.

Unlimited talk and text.

3.    Connect Everything

Connect Everything is shareable, unlike the UNLIMITED plans. If you want an internet plan you can share with others, then Connect Everything is a better plan for you and friends or family.

Connect Everything plan starts with $90 for 20GB and reaches up to $125 for 50GB.

You will get a discount if you add lines to this plan.

You have to be careful with the Connect Everything plans because data overage applies, and it costs $10 for 100MB and $0.15 after you reach 800MB.


What is the Best Bell Mobility Plan?

The answer is it depends. There are many Bell plans, and the best one largely depends on your needs and preference. If you are within the Bell Fibe Internet coverage and need large data, Fibe is the right choice. If you want plans you can share, Connect Everything plans are great choices.

What Phones Can You Use With Bell Mobility?

As long as your device is unlocked and checks all the requirements to use the Bell Mobility plans, you are good to go. Your phone must be HSPA or LRE compatible. The main requirement is that your phone should have a frequency of one of the following;

  • 700MHz
  • 850MHz
  • 1700/2100MHz
  • 1900MHz
  • 2600MHz

Bell also offers a wide range of devices for sale if you need a new phone for your plan. They also provide device financing options of up to 2 years.

How’s Bell Network Speed and Coverage?

Bell has been ranked the fastest network several times, which is not surprising with their fibre internet services. Bell offers different internet speeds ranging from 15mbps and reaches up to 1.5Gbps depending on your needs and budget.

When it comes to coverage, Bell is only available in major provinces In Canada, and although they offer 5G services, network type may differ from area to area. You can check this Bell coverage map to see the coverage and Network type in your location.

Does Bell Charge Roaming Fees?

Canada Roaming fees depend on the Bell plan you are subscribed to. However, there are roaming service options for when you travel to the US or other international countries.

There is the Roam Better US add-on for the US that costs $8 per day. You unlimited talk, text, and use the data from your existing plan or 100MB extra data.

ThePay as You Go offer costs $6 per MB, $1.45 minute for voice calls, the US, and $0.75 for text.

International PAYG rate depends on the destination, and you can find a list of options on the Bell Support Page.

Does Bell Offer Wi-Fi Calling?

Yes, as long as you have a device that supports Wi-Fi calling, you can use your Bell plans for Wi-Fi calls at no extra charge.

Can You Tether Your Data on Bell?

Only Post-paid devices can tether their plans. BYOD doesn’t have the feature at the moment. Tethering charges also apply and vary depending on your plan.

Does Bell Allow Bundling?       

Yes, Bell allows bundling on services in Ontario and Quebec. They also offer a discount  Fibe TV bundle for Fibe internet services, and you get a discount if you bundle your phone. The Fibe TV services bundle can get you more than 30 channels. Also, getting a bundle is cheaper than paying for individual services. For instance, Fibe 1.5Gbps internet service costs $129,95 per month, but with a TV package that lets you access many channels, you pay $119.95 only.

Bell also offers a customized bundle where customers select their internet plan with a TV or home phone service of their choice.

What About Bell Activation Fees?

Activation fees cost $59.95 to subscribe to bell internet plans. It’s a one-time fee. For Bring Your Own Phone, you need a new sim, and the price may differ depending on the store you buy it; however, ordering online is free.

For modem, you will pay a one-time rental fee which can get up to $199.95

Other Bell Features and Add-ons You Should Know:

Bell internet offers some features that may require additional charges. Some of these features are;

1.     Security Protection

Bell internet service comes with a McAfee protection package that protects every device in your home from viruses, bots, scams, and spams at no extra cost. You can, however, upgrade the McAfee software for added protection at an extra charge.

2.    Tech

You can protect yourself from cyber-attack with the Tech expert feature. For $6 per month for 12 months, Bell Tech experts will offer advice and support for your internet-connected devices so you can recognize potential online threats, internet safety and protect yourself from falling victim to a cybercrime.

3.    Whole Home Wi-Fi Coverage

You can enjoy wall-to-wall wireless coverage at home using a series of connective devices.

4.    Bell Wi-Fi App and MyBell Account

There is a Bell Wi-Fi app you can use to see who’s on your Wi-Fi and test your internet speeds,

Bell also offers an account page you can access to manage your bell internet plans, bills, and usage. 

More Things You Should Know About Bell Internet Plans

Limited Coverage: Bell Fibe Internet only works in Easter provinces like Quebec and Ontario

Activation Fee: As said already, you will pay an activation fee of $59.95 to get internet services installed

No Fixed Price: Bell processes are subjected to chances hence don’t expect a fixed price during your subscription.

Overage Charge: Some Bell Internet plans like the Connect Everything don’t offer Data Overage Protection. Therefore, you get charges when you go exceed your limit within a month.

Bell Pros and Cons


–      Canada’s largest and fastest network

–      Phone financing option available

–      All plans come with unlimited texts, and most plans with unlimited Canada-wide company

–      Offers DSL network

–      Affordable plan options

–      Impressive customer services

–      Whole-home Wi-Fi coverage

–      Family sharing option

–      Great technology


–      Expensive Sign-up fee

–      Limited coverage

–      Prices vary now and then


When it comes to internet plans and speed, Bell outperforms most of the network carriers. They use fibre to connect their towers and offer Gigabote-class LTE speed that is capable of hitting 1Gbps. 1Gbps is a very high-speed that many network carriers aren’t capable of at the moment.

There is also the bell business internet service and home internet service at affordable rates.

In summary, if you desire large data at lightning speed, Bell is your guy. 

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