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Telus Phone Plans in Canada Review

Telus is a top Canadian network provider with expensive but reliable plans and services. Telus Plans work on 4G LTE and 5G. This company offers one of the fastest and largest networks, so it’s no surprise they have millions of users despite the cost.

Many people choose Telus because of its unlimited and fast data plans, impressive customer service, and other perks cheap network providers don’t offer.

If you are looking for an affordable plan, Telus is probably not the one you are looking for. But why is Telus so expensive? Well, Telus is one of the big telecom companies in Canada that can charge higher prices because of their large market share and of course, little competition.

However, if you don’t mind the price because you need big, fast, and reliable cell phone plans, then read on to learn more about Telus plans and if it’s something good for your needs.

About Telus

Telus is the 2nd largest telecommunication company in Canada which began in 1983. It has over 8 million users and is often referred to as the Big Three alongside Bell and Rogers telecommunication. There are things you should keep in mind when joining a top brand like Telus: Solid services, nationwide coverage, big and unlimited gigabytes, premium phone deals, and more.

 Telus also owns two flanker brands, Koodoo, and Public mobile, to cater to different and younger markets who need fewer features and cheap plans. 

Telus Mobile Plans 

Telus has extensive mobile plans, and you can bring in your own device (prepaid) or choose from their wide selection of high-quality phones. Below are some popular Telus plans;

1. Telus Peace of Mind

If you will be using your internet plans on one device, then Peace of Mind plans are the best choices. The plan costs $80 per month and offers 15GB of high-speed data and unlimited text and talk time. Also, this plan is unlimited in the sense that after you exceed 15GB of data, you can still access the internet but at a low speed. 

It’s best for one device because this plan doesn’t include the family sharing feature so that you can share data with friends or family, but you can share it through a wireless hotspot. 


–    No Overages of hidden fee

–    Unlimited data

–    Great for users who need big gigabytes but don’t need to share

2. Telus Peace of Mind Connect

The difference between the Peace of Mind Connect Plan and the Peace of Mind Plan is that you get to share data between your personal devices. The plans have 2 offers;

  • $90 for 10Gb and another 10GB bonus
  • $125 for 50GB

You can get a family discount on both plans and get to save about $5- $15 per month.


–    Get up to 50GB of high-speed data

–    Great for users who need a lot of data and need to share on personal devices

3. Simple Share

The Simple share plan offers big data and allows you to share it with family and friends. This plan also comes with unlimited text and talk time like other Telus plans. 

This plan offers 20 – 50 GB, and you can share by having users share up for the Simple Share plans. The best thing about this is that it provides discounts on family sharing.

•    Simple Share 50 costs $125 per month and offers 50GB of high-speed data.

•    Simple Share 20 costs $100 per month and offers 20GB of high-speed data

•    Simple Share 10 costs $85 per month and offers 10 GB


–    Get up to 50GB

–    Eligible for family sharing discount

–    Comes with Unlimited talk minutes and texts

3. Telus Peace of Mind Connect Plus

This plan is for heavy data users. Peace of Mind Connect Plus offers up to 50GB of high-speed data. With this, you won’t need to worry about data overage or exceeding your limits. 

The Peace of Mind Connect Plans also allow you to share data with connected devices through wireless hotspot or family and friends you wish to share your data.

  • Connect offers 20GB at normal speed
  • Connect Plus $100 per month gives 20GB per month at high speed and lets you connect to up to 2 connected devices
  • Connect Ultra costs $115, offers 50GB, and allows 3 connected devices


–    Huge data offer

–    Allows family sharing

–    Eligible for Telus family discount

–    No data overages

4. Telus Voice 35

If you need a great value text and talk plan, Telus Voice 35 at $35 per month. It doesn’t come with data. However, you get unlimited nationwide minutes, and text services include MMS.

Text plans come with nice features at Call Display+, call waiting, and Voicemail. 


–    Unlimited calls and text

–    Great for people who don’t require data or have Wi-Fi for that


What is the Cheapest Telus Plan?

The Cheapest Telus plan is the Talk and Text plan at $35 and the Talk, Text, and Data plan at $90.

How Much is Unlimited Data Telus?

You can enjoy unlimited data on all data plans. Once you exceed your data limit for the month, Telus allows you to continue to use the internet but at a low speed on contract plans, while you will need to pay $15 on month-to-month plans to get unlimited internet use. The cheapest data plan costs $90.

How Much is a Phone Plan Per Month?

Telus costs  different amounts based on the plan you choose and the whether you want to pay month to month or on a 2-year contract. Mont-to-month plans let you cancel at any time, and costs high. While signing up for a contract can help you save up to $61 per month. 

How Do I Get A Better Deal with Telus?

The best way to get a better deal with Telus is through family sharing plans. Family plans come with discounts between $5 – $15 and allow you to share data with family and friends from your plan. Like every other network, you could also try your luck with phone negotiations with one of their reps.

How’s Telus Network Coverage and Speed?

Telus offers both high-speed and low-speed data plans depending on your preference. Speed ranges from 150mbps to 1500mbps, and the data plans are available for HSPA/LTE devices.

Telus has one of the best coverage in Canada, covering 99% of Canadians in the major cities and even rural areas. Their network is also among one the fastest.

Does Telus Offer Wifi Calling?

Yes, Telus allows Wi-fi calling at no additional charge as long as your phone supports it. 

Do Telus offer Data Rollover?

No. No rollover services on Telus Mobility. Your unused data disappears if you do not finish it before the next billing cycle.

What About Telus Activation and SIM Fees?

Telus charges a $45 activation fee for new lines. However, it’s free if you complete the process online. Bring Your Own Device plans also require a SIM card, and the price may vary depending on the store you purchase. You can also buy online.

Does Telus Offer Add-Ons?

All Telus plans come with voicemail and unlimited nationwide texting. Telus also allow you to add more features to your existing plan at a low cost;

1.    Data Top-Ups:

This add on will enable you to add 100MB – 1GB on prepaid plans and 200-2GB on postpaid plans

2.    Texting

You can international text options ranging from 100 – unlimited texts.

3.    Premium Voicemails

Telus plans often come with voicemail and allows storage of 3 messages. However, you can increase storage space and even get the option to transcribe your voicemails to text.

Does Telus Offer Roaming Services?

The majority of Telus plans allow you to call within Canada. However, if you are traveling to the US or another international country, Telus offers EasyRoam services.

  • Easy Roam in the US costs $8 per day and about $120 per month
  • Easy Roam for over 190 international countries costs $12 per day.

Telus also offers Pay As You Go plans, and the cost depends on the country you are in. For example, PAYG in the US is $1.60 for calls, $0.75 for text, and $5 for data.

What About Long Distance Fees?

Telu long-distance calls and texts vary depending on the plan and location. However, there are add-ons to let you make international calls for a small amount. For instance, if you call the US, India, or China often, there’s an add-on for these countries to keep calls affordable at a cost ranging from $15 to $20.

Pros and Cons of Telus Mobility


–    High data amount

–    No cancellation fee on a month-to-month plan

–    30-day money-back guarantee on two-year contract plans

–    You can bundle your Telus plans with Optik TV or Telus Pik TV

–    Helps you save money through bundle services

–    Internet speeds range from 150Mbps to 1500Mbps

–    Allows you to custom plans to fit your needs 

–    Offers both post-paid and prepaid plans

–    Device financing available

–    Family sharing plans and discounts available

–    Unlimited messaging and nation-wide calls on most of the plans

–    No credit check 

–    Refer a friend and get $75 each


–    Only available in some provinces like BC, Alberta, or Quebec

–    Activation fee to get your modem installed costs $100

–    Expensive plans

Bottom Line

Telus is a reliable internet provider that offers high-speed internet services. The plans are best for heavy data users and allow the family option. For a non-data user, Telus offers the Talk and Text plan. Overall, Telus is a great network provider with great value, but…it is quite expensive and may not be suitable for an internet user who is looking for cheap plans. 

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