Best TVs For Sale in Canada [Spring 2022]

There are so many things to look out for when getting a new TV. You have to worry about the size, price, tech specifications, smart capabilities, 4K, or stick with standard HD? Samsung or HiSense?

The last thing you want is to spend tons of money on a TV for sale only to get an off-color screen display.

How To Get The Best TV for Sale

The best TV you should buy depends on your needs, budget, space and so on.

Do you want a LED or OLED TV, HD or 4K? Do you mostly need a TV for gaming or viewing your favorite shows? 

Looking for the best TV for sale? Check out our list for the best and latest TVs for sale in Canada.

Based on different requirements and features, we’ve pulled together the best TVs that provide exceptional value for your money. 

Best TVs For Sale

1. TCL 1080 Smart Led Television 

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This Led Television is one of the bestselling TVs on Amazon with more than 4000 ratings from pleased customers. It’s available as both android and Roku TV.

The Roku (pictured above) has a sleek modern design with a high-definition display that looks so life. You can get it in 3 sizes;

  • 32 inch HD
  • 32 inch 1080p
  • 40 inch
Why Buy It?

Suppose you want a TV with an easy-to-navigate remote, a full 1080p display, and a powerful mobile app with many valuable features that let you turn your smartphone or tablet into a streaming device. In that case, you’re looking at this TCL television.

Our favorite feature is that it offers access to thousands of streaming channels where you can browse over 500,000 movies and TV shows through Roku TV.

2.  Hisense 40H4G 40-Inch Smart LED TV

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Hisense is one of the fastest-growing TV brands in Canada, and the reasons are apparent. They offer durable TVs with high performance.

This 4G series is available in full HD and HD resolution. It has a smooth interface that allows for easy navigation. You can customize the interface to any form of your choice. 

Why Buy It?

Hisense 4G series is powered by dts TruSurround, which means you get high-performance audio that creates a surround experience. This Smart TV also has a mobile app and allows for private listening that lets you redirect the TV sound to your headphones. 

Also, Hisense TV offers 3 HDMI ports and a TV remote with 4 quick access buttons to jump on your favorite apps and shows.

3. Samsung 65″ TU8000 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV

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Samsung doesn’t need an introduction when it comes to smart appliances. However, this Samsung Tu8000 Smart TV needs an introduction. It has very interesting features including;

  • A 4K crystal processor 
  • A clean cable solution for a seamless look. You can conceal the cables in the stand
  • It works with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Airplay. 
Why Buy It?

For a sleek and cinematic TV experience, a smooth gaming experience, and a stunning detail powered by the High-Dynamic range, Samsung TU8000 is a good option. Also, the Tv offers a feature called Ambience Mode Lite that lets you mimic the wall pattern behind it or display photos of your choice instead of a black screen. 

Our favorite thing about Samsung is the door-to-door repair and side pick-up repair services for all Samsung TVs.

4. LG 55UN7000 UHD Smart LED TV

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This LG UHD TV has an ultra-sleek design with a premium screen that delivers 4K images in fine details and vivid colors.

According to the manufacturer, this LG TV delivers vivid images 4 times the resolution of a Full HD TV. 

LG UHD TV also has a built-in Quad Core Processor that enhances what you watch, removes video noise, and upscales lower resolution pictures to almost 4K quality.

Why Buy It?

You get access to endless entertainment apps and content, including regular LG channels, Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime TV, and Disney+. Also, the LG TV offers an immersive sound experience that transports you into the scene itself. 

Overall, LG 55UN7000 TV is an excellent TV with unique features that makes the TV experience more comfortable and exciting. 

5. Sony X800H 65-inch Android Smart TV

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Sony has a track record of delivering quality display, and this Sony X800H is no different. The TV delivers vibrant pictures with rich details and texture. 

Sony has a beautiful design that will blend effortlessly with any house decor. This Sony TV also connects with Google Assistant to search for content or make smart controls with your voice.

Furthermore, you can connect it with Airplay to integrate your iPhone and Siri with your TV.

Why Buy It?

If you want a lifelike motion and triluminos display that lets you see advanced color and gradation, Sony TV has it. 

It has premium android capabilities, offers high resolution and high sound performance. It also upscales your detail to near 4K quality.

6. Sansui Ultra HD Android LED TV

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Sansui LED TV is available in 7 different sizes: 24, 32, 43, 50, 55, 65, and 75, depending on your choice.

The 65 pictured above is a big screen with a 178-degree visual angle an

d 4K ultra-high definition. 

Why Buy It?

This TV has a crisp 4K resolution, multiple built-in streaming platforms, and a wide range of brightness. It also has a Chromecast built-in that allows you to share content from your android device to your TV screen. It also comes with a TV stand, or you can get a wall-mount for wall placement. 

Its sound is produced by Dolby, which offers an incredible sound experience. Coupled with the ultra HD visual, you are in for a fantastic TV experience.

Our best thing about the TV is its remote! Sansui has a voice-controlled remote which you can use to make controls on your TV with your voice. 

7. Caixin HD TV-C24

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Caixin is an expert with TVs. This C24 HD TV has a 720p high-resolution display, a wide viewing angle, and the essential features to meet your entertainment needs. This TV is also powered with LED technology which means it requires low electrical energy, which will help cut down on your electricity bills. 

Why Buy It?

Caixin is 24 inches and will work well for you if you need something smaller or a TV for a small space like the kitchen, guest room, or dorm. It also has a fast processing speed and a surround sound quality powered by Dolby.

 Caixun has a multiple HDMI interface to connect several other devices, including game consoles for a fantastic gaming experience, DVDs, USB, earphones, firesticks, and so on. 

PC input allows you to use your TV as a PC monitor if you want an excellent resolution and size for a more convenient PC experience.

8. Toshiba 43-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV

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This Fire edition from Toshiba was just released in 2020, and it has impressive features. For one, it’s powered by Fire OS, and you will get access to a lot of streaming platforms, apps, games, and more entertainment options.

Also, it has a Cast TV feature to stream content from your android mobile device onto your TV screen.

Why Buy It?

Toshiba Fire Edition TV has a clean and crisp visual in 4K ultra HD, wide viewing angles, and impressive contrast ratios that will keep you glued to the screen.

There is also the built-in Amazon feature for voice commands and the DTS VX sonic technology for a cinematic sound experience through its dual 10W speakers. 

It has a friendly interface, easy-to-use remote control, and supports different internet services like Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, and Amazon Internet Video.

9. RCA Class 720p 60Hz Direct LED HD TV

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This 32 inch RCA TV is available in 2 different versions. One with a built-in DVD player and the other without.

Whichever you get, expect a high-definition display and high-quality sound.

Why Buy It?

RCA LED TV is a small smart TV that can fit any room you need high-definition visuals. It has a modern design that will brighten up your space and a friendly interface that is easy to navigate. 

The TV has multiple HDMI outputs to connect your PC or gaming devices. It also has VGA outputs and an integrated NTSC/ATSC tuner to watch your favorite shows and over-the-air broadcast. The smart TV is also mount-wall ready, and you can quickly fix it on the wall.

The version with the in-built DVD player is a fantastic offer. You can easily slot in a DVD and watch it right on your TV-DVD player. 

10. Skyworth E20300 40-Inch 1080P Full HD Smart TV

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This Skyworth TV offers premium picture quality and sound.

We love its ultra thin modern design frame, the durable alloy and quality led panel. The TV also has in-built voice assistant to search for things, input function and make controls.

Skyworth also has the features that allows you to show content from your mobiles and websites to the TV screen.


The best TV for you depends on your needs. If you want a large TV, a 24-inch may not serve the purpose, and if you want a TV with built-in control, going for one without won’t serve the purpose. Therefore, we advise buyers to go through the specifications, price, and features to ensure they find something that fits their needs and budget.

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