Fizz Internet Review Canada

Fizz is a discount cell phone carrier based in Montreal, Canada. One of the best things about Fizz is that they offer low-cost plans. If you’re looking to switch to Fizz or learn more about their inexpensive internet plans, we have a detailed review to guide you.

About Fizz

Fizz Mobile is an online telecom company offering internet services to Quebec and Ontario regions.

Fizz runs on Videotron’s network in Quebec and on Rogers network in other places. 

Since Fizz is a  new Canadian telecommunications company, their services are currently limited to Quebec and Ontario. However, it looks like they have plans to expand to other residential areas.

Also, Fizz is an online provider; thus, they do not have stores or customer support. Everything from transactions down to complaints is done online.

Fizz Internet Services 

As mentioned earlier, Fizz’s internet plans are low-cost. They offer a wide array of internet plans to suit different customers’ needs.

Fizz is known for offering affordable plan options with no extra payments for installing or renting a modem. The internet provider also has a wide range of plans making it easy for customers to customize plans to fit their needs.

Fizz Unlimited Internet plans start at $37 for the slowest speed to $75 for the highest speed. With speed ranging from 10Mbps to 200Mbps. 

Fizz Internet Plans

  1. Basic Plan

Fizz Basic plan is the cheapest at $37 for a download speed of 10Mbps and upload speed of 1.5Mbps. This Plan is excellent for customers who need internet access for light internet services like social media and email access. It has no data cap.

  1. Advanced plans

Advanced plans are for customers who need data for more than social media needs. The advanced Fizz Internet plans include;

  • Fizz $42 per Month Plan

Fizz $42 per month offers 15Mbps download speed and an upload speed of 10Mbps. It provides unlimited data, and it’s best for small households or individuals who need data for more than just social media.

  • Fizz $47 Per Month Plan

Fizz’s $47 per month plan offers a faster download speed at $30Mbps and an upload speed of 10Mbps. It is excellent for people who download often or streams on multiple devices.

  • Fizz $52 Per Month Plan

Fizz’s $52 per Month plan is best for heavy internet users and large households. It offers a download speed of 60Mbps and an upload speed of 10Mbps. 

  • Fizz $62 Per Month Plan

The Fizz $62 per month plan is one of the fastest offers on Fizz, with a download speed of 120Mbps and upload speed of 20Mbps. It’s best for people who want high-definition streaming and downloads.

  • Fizz $75 Per Month Plan

The Fizz $75 per month is the most expensive and fastest Fizz internet plan. Customers get up to 200Mbps download speed and 30Mbps upload speed. It’s great for large households, offices/organometallic and people who use their data on multiple devices.

Things You Should Know About Fizz Internet Plans 

  1. Taxes 

Plan prices mentioned above don’t include taxes, and you will need to factor them into your monthly payment.

  1. Network Coverage 

The fastest Fizz Internet plan may not work in your location as it doesn’t cover the entire area. Therefore, before committing to a plan, you May want to confirm the Fizz service availability in your area.

  1. Throttled Speed 

Fizz has no limits on data. However, the internet provider May throttle down upload speed on the two highest plans if there’s network overload. 

What Other Features Should You Know About? 

  • Unlimited Data 

Fizz plans have no data limit so you never have to worry about hidden fees or overage charges.

  • No Long Term Contract

Fizz Plans are not bound by contracts so you won’t have to sign up for a long-term contract to access the plans. Also, you can cancel your plan anytime.

  • Monthly Contract 

Fizz Monthly Contracts are more flexible than annual plans. You can easily adjust or switch to other plans based on your needs.

  • No Extra Fee on Modem

Renting and installation of modem doesn’t incur extra fee unless you choose the VIP installation services.

  • Online Access

Fizz offers online services for customers to manage their internet use, make payments and edit your account information.

  • Fizz Wi-Fi App

There is also a Fizz Wi-Fi app to manage your Wi-Fi modem or router and network access.

  • Loyal Customers Perks

Customers on Fizz after a while receive bonuses and discounts in their monthly plans.

  • Fizz Friends Referral

Fizz offers a $25 referral bonus if you introduce a friend to Fizz Internet. This bonus will be applied to your monthly data plan.


Who Owns Fizz Mobile?

Videotron owns Fizz, and it’s a regional carrier based in Quebec. Both Videotron and Fizz offer affordable data plans and work Roger’s network.

How Good is Fizz Internet Coverage?

Fizz is a subsidiary of Videotron and borrows network and infrastructure from them. That means Fizz works on the Videotron network, and according to Fizz Website, the network covers up to 97% of the population in Quebec and Ontario.

If you travel outside of Videotron’s network, your phone will operate on Rogers (insert Rogers link) network. To make sure Fizz network coverage is frequent and strong in your area where you travel, you check your coverage through their map.

Does Fizz Offer Bundling Services?

Although Fizz offers both mobile and home internet plans, it doesn’t offer bundling services and as such customers can make single payment for both. 

However, this may not be an issue as they already offer cheap home internet plans. 

How Much Does Fizz Internet Plans Cost?

Fizz internet plans are affordable and range between $37 to $75 per month with varying internet speed.

Who Can Use Fizz Internet Plans?

Fizz Plans are only available to residents of Quebec and Ontario. So if you are in this selected location, you can purchase Fizz plan which is a great alternative to many major internet providers. You also have the option to choose between 3 coverage locations;

  • Quebec 
  • Ontario 
  • US/Canada

If you go beyond the coverage location you signed up for, you will need to pay as you go or buy a data add-on. So Fizz may not be the best of plans if you travel out of your location often.

How Do I Sign Up For Fizz Internet Plans?

It’s easy. First, you go to Fizz Home Internet Page.

Browse through the plans you wish to subscribe to. Then, check the availability of the plans in your area. 

Once you choose a plan, go ahead with registration and payment. When payment is confirmed, you can set up a Fizz MyAccount service and get a modem delivery or installation date.

What Is The Best Internet Plan?

Fizz offers unlimited data on all data plans. The difference between the plans are the speed and the best speed for you depends entirely on your needs. Speed ranges from 10Mbps to 200Mbps. 

If you need data for light internet use like social media, the basic 10Mbps will work for you. However, if you need the plan for multiple devices, heavy downloads and tethering, you may need to consider faster speed.

What Data Speed Do I Get on Fizz Plans?

Fizz offers a 4G LTE network, which is a good and fast data speed for several internet needs, including streaming and downloading.

Is There a Cancellation Fee on Fizz Plans?

Fizz is a no-contract plan, and you can cancel anytime without any extra charges.

However, if you are on a current plan, it’s best to wait till you are close to the end of your billing cycle before cancel.

How’s Fizz Customer Service?

Fizz operates online only. This means every operation, including customer service, is online. There are no phone numbers to call or in-store to walk into. However, they have social media accounts that attend to customers requests and complaints. 

You can use their Contact Page for more information.

Does Fizz Offers Phone Financing Plans?

No. Fizz plans require you to bring your own device. This means you can’t purchase through Fizz or get a financing Fizz through Fizz.

Does Fizz Offer Data Rollover Services?

Yes. You can roll over your unused data from month to month without extra charges.

Pros and Cons of Fizz Internet 


  • Affordable plans
  • Plans are customizable 
  • Network coverage covers up to 97% of the population 
  • No contract or credit check requirements 
  • Data Rollover option available 
  • Bonuses offer for loyal customers
  • Unlimited data plans
  • No data overage charges
  • 4G network speed on all internet plan
  • Self-installation options available for modem


  • Internet services are Limited to Quebec and Ontario regions 
  • Only a few extra features to pick from. 
  • No store-fronts, Fizz is an online telecom company 
  • BYOD options only. Fizz doesn’t sell mobile phones
  • No bundling options 

Bottom Line 

Fizz offers more affordable plans compared to major internet plans like Telus, Rogers and Bells. The only downside about Fizz Internet Plans is that it’s limited to Quebec and Ontario. People in other areas will find it difficult to access the network.

In Conclusion, Fizz is best if you need unlimited data plans at a cheap rate and you’re mostly within Quebec Or Ontario.

1 Comment

  • Be aware that every positive review is someone pushing a referral code for money. I have used Fizz as a cell provider and a home internet provider for more than a year. The cell service, coverage and strength signal, is a little below average but generally acceptable. On the other hand, the home internet service is highly unreliable, terribly slow, and the modem/router combo they provide and which you are obligated to use, is an absolute piece of garbage.

    Since day one, my internet has been so bad many days I cannot work from home or stream movies. The first red flag was the installer who refused to install a cable in the room I needed my modem. He just plugged the axial cable into an old knob he found in the living room and was out the door in less than 2 minutes—an entirely useless visit.

    I have tried repeatedly to contact them for tech support, but they make it extremely difficult to contact them and impossible to talk to someone. And forget contacting them via social networks; bots just send back automated cut and paste from their FAQ. Even when you have serious technical issues, they reply “signal and speed are all good on our end”. Useless.

    Then there are the plan changes where I found out they had “adjusted” their plans and I was paying exactly the same as the current next level for less than half the data. If this is not a scam it certainly feels like one.

    And to top it all off there were the data theft and phishing attack, during which their lack of transparency spoke volumes about how little respect Fizz has for its customers. A decent company would have immediately reported the data theft to prevent as much damage as possible. Instead, they deflected the blame by putting the responsibility of security on customers.

    In the end, this is a company which offers below-average internet service and absolutely no customer service. Yes, you will same a few dollars on your monthly bill compared to giant providers, but you will pay dearly in time, frustration and lack of income caused by their poor service.

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