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10 Best VR Headsets to Get in Canada

The quest for first-hand experience and to be at the core of an event, movie, or game led technologists to develop and invent virtual reality gears. One of such is the virtual reality headset.

A virtual reality headset, popularly known as VR Headsets, is a head-mounted device designed for providing a simulated real-life experience for the wearer.

Until recently, virtual reality was just a fantasy among movie and game lovers, especially those who like to be in the midst of the action. As a result of technological advancement, virtual reality is now a commercialized device, accessible to anyone in need of it.

From the first and early headgears to different prototypes and new designs, VR headsets have now become necessary tools across several industries.

While there are many VR headsets available in the market, it’s essential to lay your hands on those that give you value for your money.

What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is a computerized simulated experience using electronic devices to participate in a 3D simulated world.

A VR experience can be similar or entirely different from the real world. While you’re not physically present at an event or location, you’ll be able to experience and explore it as if it were real.

The VR market is constantly growing and is applicable in several industries, including healthcare, movies and animations, gaming and consoles, automotive, defence, and others.

VR Headsets

VR headsets are the most basic and popular among virtual reality devices. Some VR headsets connect to a computer or gaming console, while others connect to a smartphone to give the wearer an exceptional virtual reality experience.

Perhaps you’re new to the virtual world; it’s not enough to get any available VR headset. Whether you want to travel virtually, explore beautiful sites, participate in a virtual conference or training, play video games, or watch movies, several options are available in the market.

Here’s our pick for the best VR headsets you can get in Canada.

Best VR Headsets to Get In Canada

1.      VR Headset With Controller Adjustable 3d VR Glasses Virtual Reality Headset HD Blu-Ray Eye Protected Support 5-7 Inch Phone B098X3BBRT

Compatible Devices: PC, Smartphones

Screen Display Size: 7 inches

This adjustable 3D VR glasses virtual reality headset supports 5 – 7 inch large screen sizes for all smartphones. It’s a good buy for gaming and movies, as it puts you right in the middle of the action.

Misisi VR Headset with Controller is compatible with personal computers and smartphones, including Android and iOS devices. While iOS compatibility may have some limitations, it’s a smooth ride for a cracked version of the iOS system.

This VR headset comes in lightweight as it’s made with durable quality materials and an adjustable head strap for comfort. This package also includes a 3D VR headset remote controller, lens cleaning cloth, and English user manual.

2.      Oculus Quest All-In-One VR Gaming Headset – 64 GB Edition B07HNW68ZC

Oculus Quest All in One VR Gaming Headset is a standalone VR gear. This VR headset is easy to set up with the Oculus mobile app.

It gives you the feel of experiencing real-life gestures and impact through its inbuilt sensor that tracks movements and translates them to virtual reality.

The oculus quest VR headset comes with the following features:

  • Oculus Touch Controllers for intuitive and realistic precision of every grab, throws, and more.
  • It comes with the Oculus Guardian System to help you avoid nearby objects while you’re immersed in the game.
  • It also comes with up to three episodes of Vader Immortal as a bonus for purchasing the Oculus Quest Headset.

3.      AMVR Silicone Earmuffs for Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset Sound B08PNHDTQ2

The AMVR Silicone Earmuffs for Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset is designed to give you unbeatable views with seamless and quality sound effects to have an unforgettable and superb gaming experience. 

  • It comes with an easy-to-use VR headset.
  • It is made of superior materials, including soft, durable, waterproof, dirt-proof, superior silicone, and more.
  • It enhances your gaming experience by reducing noise to improve the sound effects. It also comes with the following features:

4.      VR Shinecon VR Headset for Phone Cool Virtual Reality Goggle For Beginner B0782G83CW

The VR Headset from VR Shinecon provides a 120 degree wider viewing angle, closer to human eyes with high definition and True Colour Equal visual reality experience.

This VR headgear also comes with 720-degree Hifi stereo headphones. It is the best fit for a 1080 screen for movies and games. It has an adjustable strap for comfort while watching videos.

5.      3D Virtual Reality VR Headset For Movies And Video Games IMAX 3d Glasses VR Goggles B08Y1DYHVC


Compatibility: Android, iOS

The Longlu VR headset is a Bluetooth-driven VR for movies, games, and related videos.

The VR headset comes with a stylish, comfortable, and foldable design, compatible with 4.7 to 6-2 inch PC and smartphones, including Android and iOS mobile phones.

Other features of the Longlu VR headset include:

  • Suitable for all age grades, including kids
  • It comes with IMAX Theater panoramic surround sound with 3D effects.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and PC
  • Integrated with wireless Bluetooth

6.      V/r Onn VR Smartphone Headset B07JHX645R

Platform: iOS, Android

Compatible Devices: Smartphones

The VR Smartphone Headset from V/r Onn is an easy-to-use smartphone virtual reality device.

It comes with an adjustable optical focus, padded face guard, optical lenses, audio jack port, and a protective front cover.

7.      PlayStation VR Headset Edition B01DE9DY8S

The PS VR headset was built for gamers to have an exciting gaming experience. The PlayStation VR headset from Sony provides seamless visuals via an expansive 5.7’’ OLED 1080p display.

This product comes with a headset, HDMI cable, USB cable, demo disc, stereo headphones, and more.

8.      HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System B00VF5NT4I

The HTC VIVE VR headset is ideal for Steam VR and Windows. It’s compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac, and Linux.

With its 360-degree coverage of movements, the HTC VIVE VR headset device provides users with an unparalleled virtual reality experience. 

9.      Samsung Gear VR Headset W/Controller B06XJJ7CRQ

The Samsung Gear VR Headset provides a real-life virtual reality experience for movies and game lovers. It is compatible with Samsung devices, including Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6, and more.

This VR headset also integrates with the Oculus store to provide an endless catalogue of VR games, movies, TV shows, and documentaries.

Other features of the Samsung Gear VR headset include:

  • A controller strap.
  • Top and back headband
  • mUSB device holder.
  • A gear controller

10.    Google Cardboard POP! Cardboard 3.0 + Free Head Strap B00WRL9SD0

Inspired by the Google Cardboard VR Glasses, the VR headset from Mr. Cardboard is compatible with any smartphone, including iOS and Android devices.

It comes with a foldable lens carrier and a high-quality protective layer. This VR headset has a thumbhole at the bottom to enable typing or swiping movements on the phone’s display while the smartphone is in the cardboard.

This VR headset works with any smartphone size.

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