Best Cell Phone Plans Canada

10 Best Cell Phone Plans in Canada

Canadian cell phone plans can be quite expensive.  But don’t worry, there are still some reliable brands offering cell phone plans at a reasonable rate. But given the large number of cell provider choices, it’s important to choose one that can cater to your needs. So how do you choose the best cell phone plans?

Here are some questions to guide  you towards picking the best data plan;

1. How much data do you need in a month?

If you already have a phone with data but looking to change the phone plan, check to see how much you use on an average in a month. Then, go for a phone plan that can offer enough data you need.
Your service provider will charge you for data overage so you need to ensure you don’t go over the limit.

If it’s your first data plan or unsure how much data you will need, try to go for a plan that allows you to change the limit.

2. Do you plan to use the data sharing feature?

Are you going to use the data sharing feature. If yes, it’s advisable to go for a phone plan with the family options features so you can share the data package with family or friends and save a considerable amount of money.

3. Do you need to buy a new phone, or will you be using your existing phone for the plan?

Another essential thing to consider is whether you will bring your own device (BYOD) for the new phone plan or buy a new phone as part of the phone plans.

Most times, purchasing a new one as part of the plan is more straightforward. You won’t need to worry about connection or configuration because the phone would have been set up, so it’s compatible with the phone plans.

Meanwhile, Bringing Your Own Device is relatively cheaper because you won’t need to spend more on a new phone. The big ‘but’ is that your phone must be compatible or unlocked to accommodate the phone plans.

4. How often do you make international calls?

Although many phone plans in Canada offer cheap and unlimited phone call rates, some have a maximum. If you will be making a lot of phone calls, especially international calls, go for a plan that offers a lot of international minutes.

5. Do you need overseas roaming?

Some phone plans offer roaming plans; some don’t. If you leave Canada often, go for a plan with data roaming offers.

6. Prepaid or No Contract?

Another thing to consider is whether you will go for prepaid cell phone plans or no-contract cell phone plans.

Prepaid, also known as Pay As You Go, allows you to add credit at the beginning of each billing cycle so that you can buy the minutes and data amount you will be using for that period. You won’t pay for overages and with prepaid, there’s no way you can go over your plan limit. However, it can be quite expensive when compared to postpaid.

No Contract or Postpaid will send you the bill at the end of each scheduled payment period. The bills will include the regular cost of the phone plans you subscribed for and overages charges (if you exceed your limit).  These are generally cheaper. However, you need to be careful, so you don’t exceed your limit.

7. Is There Coverage In Your Location?

You also need to choose a data plan within your coverage area. So, check the networks and ensure its available within your location. If you live in an urban area in Canada, you will likely be within the coverage area of most of the phone plans on our list.

The Best Cell Phone Plans

The best cell phone plan largely depend on the customer’s needs. There are cell providers with features that some consumers may not need and other consumers need.

While making your pick, check which ones have the features you need for your cell phone. For instance, there are cell service plans great for international calls, while some are great options for people who use a lot of data.  

Here are the 10 Best Cell Phone Plans in Canada Right Now; 

1.     Bell Mobility

Best for Unlimited Data and Family Plans

Bell Mobility is one of the biggest three service providers in Canada, with more than 8 million users in 2016 and more than 9 million in 2018. Bell phone plans have HSPA and LTE-based wireless network with extensive coverage in the country.

High Points

–      The most extensive LTE network in the country can provide coverage for over 32 million users.

–    The network is very stable. Wherever you are, you will get a minimum of 3G/4G network

–      Big and unlimited data plan

–      You have the options of purchasing multiple phone lines hence an excellent option for the whole family

–      Allows roaming depending on where you are travelling

Low Points

–      Expect to pay a lot of money

–      BYOD option is expensive

  • No small data plans

2.    Rogers

Best for Unlimited Data and Talk Plans

Rogers is another one of the big 3 service providers in Canada with extensive plans to cater to different individual needs. Rogers offers the best family sharing plans.

 High Points

–      Offers big and unlimited data options

–      Also, it Offers Unlimited Talktime

–      Group/family options available

–      Wide network coverage

–      Fast network

–     Offers a lot of features, including TV bundles, VOIP, phone calls, credit cards and more

Low Points:

–     Quite expensive but a great network for those that can afford it

–  No 3G network

–  No small data plans

3.    Telus

Best for Unlimited Data and Family plans

Telus is the fastest, largest and one of the most reliable network providers in Canada. It operates using LTE and HSPA+.

High Points

–      Offers 5G Network

  • Customizable plans, different phone plans to suit different budgets and individuals

–      Wide coverage that reaches up to 99% of Canadians

–      Great family plans

–      Offers unlimited data

Low Points

  • Older 3G technology is not available on s, so Telus Phone Plans may not work on older devices.
  • Also expensive
  • No small data plans

4.  Koodo

Best of Low Cost and Mid Data Plans

Telus is owned by Koodo. Koodo offers one of the best affordable smartphone plans with more than a million subscribers in Canada. It started in 2008 and targets young customers. Koodoo offers lower-cost plans, provides prepaid, postpaid and wireless services. 

High Points 

  • Nationwide coverage 
  • Very strong network
  • Offers family calling option allowing you to have unlimited Canada wide calls
  • Suitable for international texting 
  • Offers international roaming services 
  • It’s cheap. Koodo mobile plans are of reasonable prices
  • You get rewards if you refer a friend 
  • Impressive customer services
  • Offers Shock free data, i.e., once you reach your limit, your data shuts down automatically instead of racking overage charges.

Low Points 

  • It doesn’t offer 5G coverage
  • No Family plans options 
  • Long Distance calls costs more
  • You can only use Koodoo mobile plans within Canada

5. Virgin Mobile

Best for Mid Data and Unlimited Talk Plans

Virgin mobile plans are huge, with a lot of options to suit different individual needs. Bell owns Virgin Mobile, and one of the high points of this service provider is how it rewards customers with discounts and promos.

High Points 

  • Affordable with competitive phone plan deals
  • Virgin mobile is a product of Bell Mobility and has about 99% network coverage. 
  • Offers 4G LTE network range
  • Waives the $40 service fees for plans purchase online 
  • Excellent customer services
  • Customers get to trade their old phones for new ones
  • Offer Roaming Plans

Low Points

  • Currently doesn’t have the 5G facility 
  • Unlimited data isn’t available 
  • No family plans

6.  Fido Mobile

Best Roaming and Mid Data Plans

Fido offers text, talk and data or text and talks phone plans at reasonable prices. If you are looking for something affordable, Fido might just be a great option. They also reward their users a lot.

High Points

  • Customizable based on your needs
  • All phone plans come with unlimited texts 
  • Mid data offer, you can get up to 10Gb of data for CA$75 per month, while the basic 2GB data will cost CA$45
  • Offer Prepaid And Contract plans
  • Offers BYOD plans
  • You can unlock roaming in more than 300 countries for as little as $5
  • About 95% network coverage 
  • Offers Data Overage protection 

Low Points

  • No Family plans option 
  • Unlimited data is unavailable 
  • Weak phone selection 

7.   Freedom Mobile

Best Affordable Phone Plans

Want to enjoy phone plans at affordable rates? Freedom Mobile plans offer useful features without the need to spend tons of money. 

The cheapest phone plan is at $15 per month for 250MB of data, unlimited texts, and 100 minutes of talk.

High Points

  • Nationwide roaming data services are available 
  • Provides extensive coverage across Canada
  • Offers cheap full-speed data and phone plans
  • Offers both prepaid and postpaid plans
  • The cheapest prepaid plan is $9, while the cheapest postpaid plan is $15
  • Freedom Mobile plans are compatible with many phones 
  • Offers big gig unlimited plans 
  • Affordable 
  • BYOD discounts

Low Points

  • Roaming charges between city centers 
  • Network services may have poor reception outside city centers 
  • Customer service is self-service or in-person by visiting their store 
  • Network speed isn’t the best

8.  Chatr Mobile

Best low-cost plans

Chatr Mobile is a great option if you want to talk, text and use data at lesser prices. They have decent rates for their mobile plans. The parent company of this provider is Rogers. 

High Points

  • Inexpensive mobile plans
  • Limitless talk and text plans
  • No contract or commitment required. 
  • No credit checks required 
  • Canada wide calling 
  • You can continue to use data after exceeding your limit without additional costs

Low Points

  • No roaming packages 
  • Internet services are limited to 3G
  • Offers to finance buying of devices isn’t available 
  • Identifying zones for coverage is confusing 

9. Public Mobile

Best Low Cost Plans

Public Mobile operates with Telus Mobile, and one of the best things about them is how they reward customers over time. Public Mobile plans are also quite affordable.

High Points 

  • Good Network services and coverage 
  • Competitive phone plans
  • Offers discounts, promos, and rewards 
  • Offers various plans to accommodate different individual needs
  • You get rewards for referring a friend
  • Low priced phone plans
  • Solid coverage both in rural and urban areas
  • BYOD options available 

Low Points 

  • Not a great option if you use a lot of data
  • Limited international countries that you can call
  • Available only in 3G

10. Lucky Mobile 

Best Low-cost plans

Bells own lucky mobile, and it’s best for customers who prioritize saving money. They offer low-cost prepaid plans to fit different needs. For instance, there is the data only plan, unlimited talk, text and data.

High Points 

  • Budget-friendly prices 
  • Unlimited texts and calls plans
  • No surprise bills or overage charges 
  • No credit check 
  • Autopay options with extra monthly data
  • BYOD options available 
  • Wide network coverage 
  • No data overage charges 
  • International calling available 

Low Points 

  • Unlimited data option isn’t available 
  • Limited phone selection 
  • Only available in 3G

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