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Virgin Mobile Plans in Canada Review

Do you need to move to a low-cost plan or need a  new Internet provider? Virgin Mobile is one of the providers you should consider for amazing and low-cost plans. Read on to learn more about Virgin mobile plans and to know if there is a Virgin plan that will suit your needs.

What is Virgin Mobile?

Virgin mobile is amongst the most popular telecom in Canada. Owned by Bell Mobility and launched in 2005, Virgin mobile provides mid data offers and some other services  Bell Mobility offers but at a much lower price.

Virgin Mobile plans are of different types offer to cater to different individual needs. Users enjoy a lot of services and discounts outside of network offers, including travel deals, giveaways and access to Virgin-sponsored events.

Virgin Mobile Plans 

Virgin Mobile has excellent plans for people on a budget but wants to get the most out of their phones. They offer a range of great choices, and customers can customize the providers fit their data consumption needs. Virgin Mobile’s primary targets are the younger generation, and it offers features like smartphone financing that cater to this demographic needs. Right now, Virgin Mobile is one of the top service provider.


–     Customers can get up to 10GB of data per month. Once the data reaches its limit, customers have the advantage to continue browsing, but the data will be slowed.

–    Virgin Mobile rewards customers with discounts and cheap deals

–     Amazing Customer’s service

–     Customizable plans

–      Trade-in old phones features

–      Canda-wide calling

–      No Contract

–      Virgin Mobile offers unlimited evening and weekend calling on most of the plans

–      Offers Unlimited worldwide texts and picture messaging to the United States


–      No family plans

–      BYO iPhones only

–      5G network isn’t available

–      No bundling services, but you can bundle your data plans with live TV

–      Doesn’t offer unlimited data plans

–      Many customers complained about the overage charges for extra data use and poor customer service

–      You will be able to access Virgin internet plans only if you live in Quebec or Ontario

Virgin Mobile Plans

Virgin Mobile plans are not limited to data only. They have so many offers for text, calls and data. Customers have the chance to choose a plan that best fits their needs. For example, there’s the Unlimited talk plan for customers who make a lot of calls and have little use for data, and there are plans for customers who use more data.

How Much Does Virgin Mobile Cost?

Virgin Mobile offers both postpaid and Prepaid Plans. The Postpaid plans range between $25 to $100 per month before additional fees, while Prepaid Plans range between $15 and $70 per month.

However, costs may differ depending on whether you will bring your own device or buy a new one.

What Are Virgin Mobile Prepaid Plans?

Virgin Mobile Prepaid Plans have 11 different offers at $7, $15, $25 $28, $30 $40, $50, $60, $65 and $75.

  • All the prepaid plans except $7 and $28 offers unlimited calling (Canada Wide.)
  • All Plans offers Unlimited Text.
  • Call forwarding, Call waiting, voicemail and 3 way calling are features present in all plans.

Best Talk and Text Plans

1.      $15 Prepaid Talk Plan

This is a perfect talk plan when you Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). At $15, you get 100 minutes Canada-wide  talk time, 100 Mb data and unlimited international text messages for a month. You will have to bring your own device for this plan and bring an extra $10 to get your new sim card.

2.    $25 Unlimited Talk Plan

This plan offers unlimited calls, but only within your location.

3.    Virgin Mobile $35 Unlimited Call Plan

This plan is best for those who have little use for data or  other means to cater to their data requirements. The $35 plan offers unlimited Canada-wide calling and a pay per use data.

4.    Virgin Mobile Unlimited Plan with 5Gb Data

Virgin Mobile offers a $50 a month plan with unlimited calling and 5Gb data. Customers can bring their own devices to sign up for this plan.

Best Data Plans

5.    $15 Data Plan

Offers 250Mb and Pay per Min call charges.

6.    $28 Prepaid Data Plan

This Virgin Mobile plan is a data-only fan that gets you 1GB at $28. No talk time comes with this offer, and you will pay $0.40 per minute on calls. This is perfect for those who don’t make calls often or prefer to make calls on their chat apps.

If you go for the autopayment option, Virgin mobile will reward you with 50% data each month so that you get 1.5GB.

7.    Virgin Mobile $30, $40 and $50

All 3 plans offer Canada-wide unlimited talks. However, $30 gives 500Mb, $40 gives 1Gb and $50 offers 5GB. There is also a 500MB bonus for auto-payment options.

8.    Virgin Mobile $55 Plan with 12Gb and Unlimited Minutes (Limited Offer)

This No-Contract BYOD plan offers 12GB data bundles at $55 for newcomers when you bring your own phone. You also get unlimited text and talk across Canada and have the option to switch to another plan at any time.

9.    Virgin Mobile $60 and $65 plan

This plan offers unlimited talk and text and a 6Gb data plan billed monthly. The $65 provides the same thing but with 7Gb data.

10. Virgin Mobile $75 plan

This Offers 10GB of data and unlimited text and calls. It’s a package for existing customers.

More Things To Keep In Mind About Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile Bring Your Own Device

Virgin Mobile offers bring your own device services as long as your phone is carrier-unlocked is compatible with the virgin mobile network. BYOD is generally cheaper than buying a new phone. It’s the best deal if you already have a phone. Virgin Mobile also offers tools to help you confirm if your phone is compatible or not.

Activation Fee

For new customers and device upgrades of existing customers, Virgin mobile will charge an activation fee of $45.

Also, for BYOD plans, customers require a Virgin Mobile Sim card, which costs $15.

Meanwhile, these charges may differ depending on the store or site.

Overage Data

Virgin Mobile doesn’t offer unlimited data plans. The Unlimited is 35GB maximum. That means, All Prepaid Data plans have a limit, and once you exceed that limit, you will pay $10 per MG. This means customers need to be careful not to exceed their limit in order not to incur expensive overage charges.

Additional Minute Cost

Except you are on unlimited talk plans, you may incur additional minute costs if you exceed the minutes included in your plans. Additional minutes cost $0.65 per minute.

Also, customers who aren’t on unlimited talk plans need to keep their minutes’ usage in check to avoid exceeding.

It is best to go for a plan with minutes and data enough to cater to your needs monthly rather than incurring overage charges by exceeding what you paid for.

Roaming Plans and Fees

For most Virgin Mobile plans, calls within Canada’s Network coverage don’t incur roaming fees. However, there are plans for customers travelling out of the country.

Plans include;

–      Roam Sweet Roam, which costs $8 per day and unlimited text and calls aces with 100MB roaming data in the US and $12 for the same offers  for international travel.

–       Travel Passes, which includes various options ranging from $10 to $80 per pass within the US and $30 to $100 for international travel passes.

–      Pay as You Go (PAYG) options cost $1-45 per minute on calls and $0.75 per text. For international travel, PAYG depends on the location and destination.

Virgin Mobile Phone Deals

If you are looking to purchase a new smartphone with a Virgin Mobile Plan, you can get the offer at Virgin Mobile. There are 5 different plans for customers who want to buy a new phone,  and for any phone you purchase, you get to save a lot of money compared to if you bought it elsewhere.

The plans include Diamond, Diamond Plus, Gold, Silver and Platinum. For the Diamond Plus plan, customers can get up to $800 of new phones  and $350 off for the Gold plan. These plans also come with sub-plans for your calls and data needs.

If you need a new phone to get your Virgin Mobile Plan, buy from a Virgin Mobile Store or site, browse through the package and see what phones are available.

Also, Virgin Mobile sells smartphones on a 0% financing plan over 2 years. Customers on this deal have access to postpaid plans but cannot use a prepaid plan without paying off the phone’s dues.

Is Virgin Mobile Better Than Fido?

This is a Frequently asked question about Virgin Mobile because the competition between the two service providers is pretty close. They offer almost identical plans and features. However, when it comes to Network coverage, Virgin Mobile seems to be a little ahead of Fido.

Fido has its perks too. They offer so many extra features and some great plans. It’s hard to decide which is better as it will all come down to your choice and your location’s coverage.

Virgin Mobile Add Ons and Member Benefits

Virgin Mobile users will enjoy extra features like discounts on popular brands, pre-sale ticket offers, discounts on travels and hotels, access to movie screenings and a lot more. Also, Virgin Mobile offers add-ons you can add to your mobile plan to get the most of your plan at a cheap cost. Some common options include Voicemail boosters to increase your voicemail storage, Mobile TV access and more.

No Long-Term Contracts

Virgin Mobile bills monthly and requires no commitment. It means you can opt-out any time without a cancellation fee.

In Summary

Virgin Mobile is a great service provider with a lot to offer at a low cost. It has a few low points, but the high points outweigh the low points, hence their place as one of Canada’s best providers.

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