Rogers Phone Plans in Canada Review

Canada has 3 major network providers, and Rogers is one of the three. Rogers offers unlimited shareable data plans and excellent cell phone plans.

Rogers Mobile Plans are unique and extensive, but they are expensive like the other 2 leading providers. Despite this, Rogers is one of the largest carriers in Canada, with over 10 million users. If you wish to join these users or you are contemplating, read on to learn more about Rogers mobile plans, deals, offers, and if it’s the right network carrier for you.

About Rogers

Rogers is the largest network carrier in Canada. This telecommunication company was first launched in 1985 but wasn’t known as Rogers Wireless then until 2003. They have their headquarters in Toronto, and as of 2016, they were the largest wireless carrier in Canada. Rogers also owns 2 flanker network providers, Fido and Chatr, to cater to different markets.

Rogers offers no-contract plans. If you need a phone, Rogers offers phones, tab plans, and flexible payment options. They also provide TV bundles, smart home monitoring, credit cards, and great for personal or business use.

Rogers Mobile Plans

From bug data plans to unlimited talk time, Rogers offers various plans to customers with different needs.

 The major Rogers Plans include;

1.     Rogers Infinite

This plan offers unlimited data between 10GB and 100GB at high speed. The Rogers Infinite is considered one of Rogers Wireless’s best plans. However, it isn’t cheap as it costs between $80 to $175 depending on the amount of data you want on prepaid and $75 – $175 on post-paid.

Rogers Infinite plans include;

  •  $80 per month offers 15GB with unlimited Canada-wide minutes 
  • $95 per month offers 25Gb with unlimited Canada-wide minutes and texts
  • $125 per month offers 50GB plus Unlimited Canada-wide minutes
  • $175 per month offers 100GB with Unlimited Canada-wide minutes

 Note that for an additional $20 on each plan, you can get Unlimited Canada-wide + US minutes rather than the regular unlimited Canada-wide minutes. For instance, for $100 per month, you get 15Gb but with unlimited Canada and US minutes and text. For $195, you get unlimited Canada+ US minutes and 100GB.


  • Rogers Infinite plans are sharable. You can add up to 9 other lines and get a discount on each line
  • Rogers Infinite also offer Roam services, and you can use the My Rogers App to manage your plans and account
  • Rogers also come with extra perks for prepaid plans  like:

—Three months of Google on

—Six months of Apple Music

—Device Protection offers

 — Voicemail add-ons services

  •  All Rogers Infinite Plans comes with unlimited talk and text
  • You can continue browsing when you exceed your limit but at a low speed
  • Rogers is best for individuals who want huge data offers at any price
  • You can get an extra 3GB of data if you need more data for $15

2. Basic Phone Plans

Although the Rogers Infinite plan is the best plan for unlimited data, not everyone needs a huge amount of data. Many cell users use little data per month, and the basic phone plans make better alternatives to Rogers Infinite. Basic Phone Plan is affordable, with the highest plan at $35.

Plan options start with 50 Canada-wide minutes, 100 texts and end at the unlimited talk and text plans without data.

There is the $25 plan for 100MB with the least minutes and texts. And it doesn’t come with data overage protection. Overage charges cost  $10 per 100MB.

However, the unlimited talk and text plan doesn’t come with data, but there is the Roam Service offer if you travel a lot.


  • Affordable
  • You can get unlimited talk and text
  • Great for individuals who don’t need a lot of data

3. Talk and Text Plans

Rogers also offers Talk and text offers on prepaid plans ranging from $15  to $55.

The lowest plan costs $15 per month, and you get 75 texts and 75 minutes. With the highest price plans, you can get up to unlimited texts and unlimited calls.


  • Affordable
  • Limited talk and text, but you can get unlimited talk and text
  • Talk and text add ons available for this plan
  • It comes with international texts and $0.50 per minute long-distance calls
  • Roaming add-ons also available

4. Data, Talk, and Text Plans

This plan ranges from $50 to $65 per month. You can get 150 minutes and unlimited texts and unlimited calling on weekends and evenings and up to 1Gb data.

Unlimited evening calls start at 6 pm and end at 7 am.

You can get extra 1Gb data for $20 if you finish your data allotment for the month or continue to browse for $0.15 per megabyte.


–      Affordable

–      Up to 1Gb data

–      Unlimited texts and weekend/evening calls

–      Great for individuals who need little data use

–      Talk and data add ons available for this plan

–      Comes with international texts and $0.50 per minute long-distance calls

–      Roaming add-ons also available

5. Rogers Pay As You Go Plan

 The best pay as you Go plan is the Pay as you Go Talk and Text 25.

This prepaid deal costs $25 per month and gets you 250 Canada-wide minutes of talk time and $0.30 per minute charge when you finish the 250 minutes’ allotment.


How Good Is Roger’s Network and Coverage?

Rogers offers premium high-speed 4G LTE and 5G browsing experience and extended coverage for areas without no or little signal.

They were the first Telecommunication company in Canada to offer LTE services at greater speed, and now their coverage is vast and reaches over 90% of Canadians. They also provide GSM and HSPA+ networks. Rogers 5G network is, however, available in just 19 cities in the country. Check this interactive map to check the extent of Roger’s network in your area.

What Is The Best Rogers Cell Phone Plan?

The most probing question if you are looking to join Rogers is probably “what is the best Rogers Cell Phone Plan?”

It’s a hard question to answer because Rogers offers varieties of plans to suit different needs. The best Roger phone plans will depend on your personal needs.

Many people often settle for the Rogers Infinite Plan, mainly because it’s sharable and comes with a family discount. However, if you need just small data usage, a Basic phone plan is a great alternative.

For post-paid plans, the text, talk, and data plans seem a great option.

Do They Charge Roaming Fees?

Rogers lets you take your phone anywhere outside Canada with their Roaming services. You can use your Rogers Plan for calls and text within Canada and the US for $8 per day, and the data charges are deducted from your regular monthly plans.

You can also make use of your plans in more than 100 other countries for $14 per day.

What Is the Cheapest Rogers Cell Phone Plan?

The Cheapest Prepaid Rogers Plan is $10 per month for 50 minutes of talk time, and the cheapest monthly billed plan is $25 for 150 minutes and no data or 50 minutes with 100MB data included.

How Much Is Rogers Unlimited Plan?

Rogers is the first network in Canada to eliminate data overage charges on monthly plans.  Customers who cross their data allotment for the month can continue to use the internet and download but at a reduced speed until the next billing cycle.

The highest data from Rogers is 100GB at $175

Does Rogers Have a Plan For Seniors?

Rogers offers three Senior Plans.

  • $18 for 100 Minutes
  • $23 for 150 minutes
  • $28 for 200 minutes.

These plans come with 2,500 call forwarding minutes. Call waiting and group calling.

Rogers also offers family packages with the Rogers Infinite Package with shareable data, unlimited minutes, and texts to up to 10 family members and friends.

Can You Buy A Phone Outright from Rogers?

Yes. Rogers offers varieties of phones at a great discount and comfortable financing period. You can also access Rogers postpaid plans with the phone of your choice.  All phones come unlocked, and you can head over to their website to compare the wide selection of mobile phones.

Pros and Cons of Rogers Mobile Plans


–      Bring Your Own Device and No-contract Plans available

–      Canada-wide callings and text available on most of Rogers plans

–      Tab phone financing plans

–      Rogers offers huge data amount of up to 100GB, the highest from any Canadian mobile carrier

–      Bundled services, Rogers offers deals that lets you connect your favorite music, TV, and movie show to your mobile or tablet

–      Wifi calling option available

–      Offers Device protection deals

–      Offers a lot of cheaply priced add-ons

–      Tethering is allowed as long as your data plan includes at least 1GB

–      You can get at least 3G services and up to 5G network


–      High prices

–      Data overages charge on some plans

In conclusion, Rogers is one of the market leaders in communication in Canada with a great network and wide coverage. With Rogers, you either get a high plan or a low plan. They, however, have flanker companies like Fido for Mid-budget plans to cater to people who find the low plans too low and the high too much.

Despite the expensive plans, Rogers has the highest number of users, and this is probably because of their great services and valuable plans.

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