How to Unlock a Rogers Phone in Canada

If your phone is locked to a carrier, it will be impossible to use it with other sim card providers.

Rogers installs software on your Rogers phone to restrict the use of SIM cards from other service providers.

However, if you are traveling out of Canada and need a foreign SIM or decide to switch to another network provider, you can unlock your Rogers phone. That way you won’t need to buy a new phone.

When you unlock your Rogers phone, you will be able to use it with any network carrier.

Your locked Rogers phone will need a unique unlock code to remove the SIM card restrictions. These codes vary from phone to phone.

Rogers will give you the code for free if you have a good standing with them. If your account isn’t in good standing or you are on a corporate plan, Rogers may refuse to give you the unlock code.

Requirements to Unlock Your Rogers Phone

Rogers will only unlock your phone if;

  • You purchased the device under ‘no term pricing.”
  • The device isn’t on the blacklist of devices that have been reported as lost or stolen
  • The device has been active on Rogers network for 3 months.
  • Your Rogers account is in good standing with no unpaid dues or debts.

You Will The Need The Following:

1. IMEI Number:

This is the identification number of your mobile device. It’s usually 15 digits, and you can find it on the ‘About Device’ section of your device settings or dial *#06#. 

2. New SIM Card:

First, you need to know that Rogers shares the same network as Fido and Chatr. If you are switching to Fido or Chatr, you may not get an unlock code because there are ways to switch to the carrier without unlocking the device. However, if you are switching to another network, then you will need a SIM card from that carrier to unlock.

3. APN Setting

APN setting is the data configuration you need to access data from your new carrier after unlocking the device. They sometimes come inbuilt, or you may need to enter manually for the configuration to happen.

How To Unlock (Android)

  • Once you have the IMEI code, contact Rogers Customer’s service by dialing *611# or 1 (888) 764-3771.

  • Go ahead to request your device unlock code. You can explain that you need to travel and use other SIM cards.

  • The customer representative (if they agree to unlock your phone) will give you step by step instructions and requirements to use the unlock code.
  • If you follow the prescribed steps, your phone will unlock when the code is entered. 

Note: If you input the wrong unlock code too many times, your phone will permanently lock itself, and you will need to send it for repair with Rogers before you can try to unlock it again.

iPhone Unlocking 

Most Apple devices purchased after 2017 are already unlocked. However, if you bought before then, the process to unlock is a little more technical than Android.

After contacting Rogers customer service, Rogers will have to request access from Apple, which may take a while for it to be approved.  

Also, you need to back up and erase your data for the unlocking to happen. You will then restore your data with the new carrier SIM card.

Erasing and backup may be a bit technical. It requires connecting your phone to iTunes, click back up and when the process is done, erase by clicking the Restore device.

To avoid errors or mistakes, you may contact your cell phone carrier for help.


Rogers will charge nothing to unlock your phone except you’re on a corporate plan.

How To Tell If Your Rogers Phone Is Unlocked?

Once your phone starts working with a new SIM, then it’s unlocked. However, if you are still prompted to enter an unlock code, it’s still locked.

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