How to Unlock a Bell Phone in Canada

The primary reason people unlock their Bell phone is to switch to other carriers either because they want to try out another provider or in a location where Bell network doesn’t reach.

Unlocking your Bell phone is a better and cheaper idea than paying for a new phone. An unlocked device will be compatible with SIM cards from other carriers.

Is My Bell Phone Locked?

Phones sold before December 2017 are locked, and you can still get them unlocked for free by Bell.

The best way to figure out if your Bell phone is locked or unlocked is by inserting a SIM card from another carrier. If it says ‘Invalid SIM’ or ‘Enter Unlock Pin’, then your phone is locked. If it works, your phone is unlocked.

Unlocking Your Bell Phone 

Unlocking your Bell phone can be done by dialing a Bell Unlock code, Bell Subsidy Code, or Bell Network code, depending on your phone type.

The numbers are usually 8-16 digits and are specific to your phone. Since you don’t have an unlock code, you will need Bell to get it.

What You Need To Unlock Your Bell Device

To Unlock Your Bell Device, you will need the following:

1. IMEI number:

This is like your phone’s fingerprint, an identification number that belongs to your phone only. It is usually written at the back of a device, or you can check About Device on your phone’s settings. You can also dial *#06# for a display of the number.

2. SIM Card From Another Carrier

It’s worth noting that Bell is the same network carrier as Virgin Mobile and Lucky Mobile. If you are switching to either of those Bell’s subsidiary carriers, you may not need to unlock them. However, when switching to other carriers, you’d need to get a SIM card from the carrier to connect your device with the new wireless provider.

Process Of Unlocking Your Bell Phone

Android Devices

Step 1:

If you meet Bell’s requirements for unlocking, go ahead to dial 1 (800) 667-0123 to get through Bell customer representatives.

The representative will ask for your IMEI number, which they will use to trace your unlock pin.

Step 2:

Once you receive the pin, start your phone with the New SIM card and follow the steps given by the representative.

Step 3:

The phone will prompt you to input the unlock code. Ensure you input the correct pin because multiple entries of a wrong pin will permanently lock your phone.

Alternatively, you can visit a Bell retail store to get the phone unlocked by an employee. Or visit MyBell Website to get it done. The website has detailed instructions on how to unlock the phone.

Unlocking iPhones

To unlock your Bell iPhone, Bell will have to make an official request to Apple. Once Apple approves this request, you can go ahead to insert your New SIM card.

Before this procedure, you’ll need to connect your iPhone to iTunes to back up your data. Then click on Restore Device. When your unlock request gets approved, you will receive a message on iTunes.

What If I Do Not Own A Bell Account?

If the phone you want to unlock isn’t for you, you can still get it unlocked at the Bell Mobility outlet.

What If I Don’t Meet The Requirements?

There are exceptions to Bell unlocking services. Bell may not approve your request to unlock your phone if;

  • You have some outstanding dues you are yet to pay to Bell. The company will need you to pay if before unlocking can be done.

  • The device has been blacklisted as missing or stolen, there’s no way you are unlocking with Bell. So be careful where you buy used Bell phones. It’s best to have the seller unlock the phone before purchasing it.

  • You’re unlocking an iPhone, and Apple is taking time to approve the request.

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