Review of Bell Phone Plans Canada

Bell is one of the 3 best and largest wireless carriers in Canada. As of 2016, Bell had a base of more than 9 million subscribers, and in 2018, the carrier revealed they have up to 10,000 towers with strong in-building coverage from coast to coast.

As expected from a large network carrier, Bell Mobility offers services for internet, wireless, phones, cable TVs, and so on. Although Bell phone plans are on the expensive side and customers sometimes experience some flaws, they seem to offer good value.

Do you want to sign up to a Bell Phone Plan or need to know more about the service provider? Read on for a review of the Bell phone plans and services.

About Bell Mobility 

Bell Mobility has come a long way since 1986 in providing Canadians with quality network and phone plans. The network provider has plans for everything from phone plans to unlimited internet to home security connectivity and phone financing.

Also, Bell Canada once ranked the number one network in the country by Global Wireless Solutions, outperforming every major network. 

Bell Mobility Plans

Bell Mobility offers both prepaid and postpaid phone plans. Prepaid plans are for customers who buy a phone from Bell Mobility, and Postpaid is reserved for Bring Your Own Devices.

Here are some Bell Phone Plans;

Basic Phone Plans 

These plans are perfect for people who need to talk and text without the need for data on their accounts.

Basic 35

Costs $35 per month and offers;

  • Unlimited Canada wide calling 
  • Unlimited Canada wide text messages

Unlimited Plans

Unlimited plans are non-shareable and come with data plans.

– Unlimited 30

Unlimited 30 costs $80 and offers;

  • Unlimited Canada-wide calling
  • Unlimited Canada-wide messaging, including texts, pictures, and videos 
  • 30Gb of non-shareable data at maximum speed. You can continue browsing at a speed of about 512kb if you go beyond the allocated 30Gb

– Unlimited 35

This plans costs $85 per month and offers;

  • Unlimited Canada wide calling
  • Unlimited Canada wide messaging, including texts, pictures, and videos 
  • 35Gb of data at maximum speed. You can continue browsing at a speed of about 512kb once you exceed the 35Gb

– Unlimited 50

This plan costs $125 per month and offers;

  • Unlimited Canada wide calling
  • Unlimited Canada wide messaging, including texts, pictures, and videos 
  • 50Gb of data at maximum speed. You can continue browsing at a speed of about 512kb once you go beyond the 50Gb

Connect Everything Plans

Connect Everything plans works best for users who want to share their plans or connect other devices to one single account.

– Connect Everything 20

This shareable plan costs $90 per month and offers;

  • Unlimited Canada Calling 
  • Unlimited Canada-wide text and multimedia messaging 
  • 20GB shareable data. Users get $10/100 MB up to 800 MB and $0.15/MB thereafter when you go beyond the allotted data. 

– Connect Everything 50

Costs $125 per month and offers; up

  • Unlimited Canada Calling 
  • Unlimited Canada-wide text, picture, and video messaging 
  • 50GB of shareable data. Users get $10/100 MB up to 800 MB and $0.15/MB thereafter when you go beyond the allotted data. 

Tablet Plans

Tablet plans are available for customers who need data on their tablet devices. You have the option of bringing your own device, buying a device from Bell, and paying at once or pay within 24 months using Bell SmartPay.

  • $10/month for up to 100MB non-shareable data
  • $10/24 months for 1GB shareable data
  • $20/month for up to 500MB non-shareable data
  • $30/month for up to 2Gb non-shareable data
  • $50/month for up to 5Gb non-shareable data and additional data for $10/Gb

Smartwatch Plans

Bell also offers plans to customers who want to connect their smartwatch to their smartphone or want a dedicated plan for their smartwatch. This plan costs about $15 per month for about 1Gb data. 

Bell Mobility Prepaid 

Bell Prepaid allows customers to choose a device from Bell on a financing plan. They offer a wide range of phones, including iPhones, Samsungs, LGs, Alcatel, and Motorola.

Prepaid Voice Plans

These plans range between $15 and 30 depending on your phone option, and it’s best for those who don’t need much data. The plan offers;

  • Unlimited Talk time
  • Unlimited Canada wide messaging 
  • Free Talk and Text to the US
  • 100MB of bonus data with a top-up allowance

Prepaid Voice and Data Plans

If you want a prepaid plan with some data option, you can choose between the Prepaid voice and data plans. These plans range between $35 to $65 and offers;

  • Unlimited Canada wide calling 
  • Unlimited Canada wide texting
  • Free talk and text to the US
  • 1Gb to 3Gb data
  • Up to 4Gb data bonus

Bell Roaming Plans

Customers within Canada may not need roaming services as long as they are within the coverage areas. 

However, if you are traveling out of Canada, you can continue to use your Bell phone plans through Bell roaming plans. Bell offers a variety of roaming options for US and international travels, and you can activate them to help manage your costs.

One of the most popular options is the Roam Better Plan which offers unlimited talk and text for $8 per day in the US. The plan also lets you use your existing data or offer 100MB. 

There is also Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) plans for US roaming which costs;

  • $1.45 per minute for voice calls
  • $0.75 per sent text
  • $6.00 per MB of data used

Roam Better International 

Roam Better offers unlimited talk, text, and 100Mb Data for $12 per day. Visit the Bell Support page here for more explanatory details on their roaming plans. 

Bell Family Plans

Bell Family Plans, also known as the Bell Connect Everything Plan, is an excellent option for families who wish to stay on a single bill. The plans allow every family member to connect to a single plan with a reduction in the average cost per line.

With this option, you can add a cell phone plan for grandpa, connect the kids’ phone to your account, and have your internet plan all on a single bill. This option is cheaper for families as it lets you save on the costs of individual plans.


How Good Is Bell Mobility Network

According to Bell, their network can reach about 99% of Canadians with coverage for more than 32 million. However, their services are limited to Southern Canada, and you can find their interactive map here to see if their network covers your location. 
Their 5G network also rolled out in 2020 and thus offer fast internet connections.

What Is The Best Bell Cell Phone Plan?

This question is tricky as the answer largely depends on your needs and preference. What works for you may not work for another, but luckily, there are plenty of plans to choose from. If you want to share your plans, the Connected Everything Plans might be an excellent option for you.

The traditional unlimited plans are also great for users who want a combination of voice, text, and data. There are even more plan options on the prepaid side. And Bell offers promotions and bonuses just for signing up.

Can I Add a Phone To My Bell Account?

Bell offers family plans that let you add phones to your Bell account on a single bill. 

Do They Offer Long Distance Calls?

Both postpaid and prepaid plans offer Canada-wide calling. However, long-distance calls is available for calls outside Canada. The cost depends on the location of the tower your phone is connected to during the time of the call.

Bell Mobility also offers some add ons for subscribers that make long-distance calls often. Options include;

  • $20 per month for calls to US
  • $15 per month for calls to Hong Kong and China
  • $20 per month for 1000 minutes to India

For more specific international add ons, visit Bell Support Page. 

Do They Offer Data Rollovers?

No. Bell doesn’t offer data rollovers. All data plans and add ons can not exceed a month. 

How Much Does Activation and SIM Card Cost?

Bell charges $45 as activation fees for new lines. You will also need to pay for a new SIM card if you are bringing your own device, or you can order through their online store for free.

What About Bell Cancellation Fees?

You can cancel at any time if you are on a postpaid plan, as a contract doesn’t bind you. However, a postpaid line might be more complicated, and you may need to pay an early termination fee.

What About Bell Mobile Internet Plans?

If you aren’t interested in phone plans but need a data plan, Bell has got you covered. Bell offers some mobile internet plans, and you can browse through them here

Pros and Cons


  • Phone Financing options available 
  • Bring Your Own Device plans available 
  • Unlimited messaging on most plans
  • Canada-wide calling 
  • No long term commitment, credit check, or monthly bill
  • 5G available on compatible devices
  • Plans include call display, call waiting, and group calling 
  • Customers can manage their accounts from their devices 24/7. You can make payment, view your account balance, monitor data usage, and more


  • Coverage is limited to major cities in Southern Canada 
  • Customers may find it expensive 
  • Most promotional offers are limited to prepaid plans

Bottom Line

Bell offers a variety of plans for different customers. No matter your phone plan needs, there is a good chance you will find a Bell phone plan that will meet your requirements. However, Bell can sometimes be expensive, but thankfully, they have alternatives like Virgin Mobile and Lucky Mobile to cater to customers on a budget.

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