10 Best Fibre Internet Providers in Canada

Fibre Internet is currently the best type of internet. It connects people very fast to the internet through a network of fibre-optic cables. 
Many internet users are switching to fibre internet plans for accelerated speed and reliability.

What is Fibre-Internet?

Fibre Internet uses Fibre-optics cable to transfer connection. This is different from DSL and cable internet, which transmit signals through electrical signals sent on copper conductors, fibre optic internet works on strands of glass or plastics.

In other words, fibre optic cables are made of strands of glass or plastics and work by transferring signals from one point to another

The signals transferred are in the form of binary transmission of light and, as such, can provide high data speed and travel long distances. 

Why Fibre Internet is the Best

Fibre internet can travel very fast and provide a connection at lightning speed for download and upload use. Many other non-fibre internet types have minimal bandwidth.

Also, non-fibre internet usually reserves its bandwidth for downloads. Only the Fibre internet prioritizes both uploads and download speeds.

Choosing The Best Fibre Internet in Canada

Some important things to consider when choosing a Fibre Internet Provider in Canada are speed, cost and, of course, location because not all plans work in all areas in Canada.

Choosing a fibre internet provider out of the many available ones can be a complicated task. In this article, we compile the 10 best fibre internet providers for easy pick.

1. Bell

Bell internet plans have a very fast speed that can hit up to 1.5gbps for downloads and 940mbps for uploads. They have fibre-optics cables, and networks in specific regions and only people in this region can access fibre internet plans

Bell is one of the Big 3 Canada network carriers and it’s available in Ontario, Quebec and Eastern provinces.

It’s also accessible to a wide range of devices, and their plans can be connected to multiple devices at once. Bell Fibre Internet Plans are called the Fibe Internet Packages. 

  • The most expensive plan is the Gigabit Fibe 1.5, which costs $129 per month and offers the highest speed of 1.5gbps for downloads and 940mpbs for uploads. The plan is unlimited and lasts for a month.
  • The least expensive plan is the Fibe Internet plan costs $49 for 100Gb data for a month. It offers a speed of 10Mbps for downloads and 0.93Mbps for uploads.

2. Rogers

Rogers internet is one of the fastest in Canada, and you can even have a stronger service with their fibre internet. The lowest internet plan is $69.99, and the highest speed is at 1000Mbps = 1Gbps. 

 This top internet provider also has extensive Wi-Fi coverage at the speed you need. 

Rogers is also working on an updated fibre internet that promises network enhancement, improved reliability and stronger service. 

Another thing about Rogers internet is that you can bundle it with some Rogers services like your Home TV and home phone to enjoy savings of up to $50.

Rogers is available in Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland.

3. Telus

Telus fibre internet is known as PureFibre. The connections offer speeds that can get as high as 1.5Gbps for downloads and 940mbps for uploads. and their high-speed fibre optic network is one of the fastest in Canada.

They are the major fibre provider in Western Canada. The fibre plans and connections are available in specific regions like British Columbia and Alberta. 

While the prices may be high, they come with extra features like data overage protection and bundling packages. The Gigabit plan for unlimited data costs $99 for a 2-year contract and $160 for a regular price. 

4. Fibrestream

Fibrestream is based in Toronto, and they work with large condominiums to deliver lightning-fast unlimited internet. 

This Fibre internet is high-speed, reliable and perfect for residents in condo-buildings within Toronto and Ottawa.

Their internet speed starts from 50Mbps and can reach as high as 5000Mbps. The lowest price for their plan is $35 for 50Mbps, then comes the $50 for 500Mbps speed and the highest speed at 5000Mbps.

The highest rate is available in selected addresses only, and you may want to check the Fibrestream page to see if you’re within a location that can access the fastest Fibrestream speed.

Fibrestream is the first internet provider to offer a speed as high as 5000Mbps. They also offer different Wi-Fi routers brands at affordable prices.

5. TekSavvy

TekSavvy is a favorite internet provider in Ontario with a monthly plan as low as $24.95 per month. Meanwhile, the TekSavvy fibre internet even offers excellent value and runs on TekSavvy infrastructure, so there’s no compromise.

The fibre speed ranges from 25mbps to 1Gbps, with a wide array of packages customers can pick from. TekSavvy fibre packages are reasonably priced, and everyone can find something that suits their needs and budget:

Their highest speed which is 1Gbps allows more than ten connected devices at once 

Meanwhile, the speed of TekSavvy fibre varies in different areas, so before signing up for any internet plan, ensure you check the availability of the service. 

6. Cogeco

Cogeco is another reliable internet provider in Canada. This network provider offers a 100% fibre-based network, and they fully own their fibre network.

Their Fibre-based plans known as Dedicated Internet Fibre offer a speed ranging from 5Mbps to up to 10Gbps. 

It’s a perfect solution for big organizations and businesses who need high internet speed. 

Cogeco is also worth its price. For instance, the Ultrafibre 1Gig unlimited costs $90- $113 with a download speed of 1Gb. This package comes with an AC Wi-Fi modem, Cogeco Security to protect you from viruses and online threats, and access Cogeco Wi-Fi hotspots. 

Before subscribing to Cogeco, it’s essential to confirm its availability in your area.  Cogeco is limited to Ontario and Quebec at the moment.

7. Acanac

Acanac is the right fit if you’re looking to save money on the internet while taking advantage of ultra-fast speed. This internet provider offers some of the lowest-priced internet plans with a speed of 25Mbps to more than 1Gbps.

Plan prices start as low as $45 (plus taxes) per month for the lowest plan, which offers 25Mbps. However, this plan comes with a 6-month promotional offer that gets customers $24.95 per month.

The fastest Acanac internet speed is the 1Gbps+ which costs $99 and lets you stream in high definition. All Acanac plans offer unlimited data. However, as great as their offers are, they work primarily in Ontario and Quebec provinces.

8. Shaw

Shaw operates in British Columbia and Alberta and offers one of the fastest speeds in Canada. This internet provider also operates one of the largest fibre networks 

Their fibre internet delivers up to 1.5Gbps to customers at reasonable prices. 

This internet deal can be based on a month-to-month or 2-year contract depending on the length of your choice. The 2-year contract often involves better deals, but it involves some obligation. 

To check if Shaw is available in your area, check the Shaw home page to enter your address and confirm if it shows your location. 

9. Sasktel

Sasktel fibre optic network is known as infiNET, and it offers homes faster internet connection and unlimited data usage. 

This fast internet solution is perfect for high definition gaming and streaming with speed as high as 300mbps for $64 for new customers and $94.95 after 12 months. Sasktel internet also offers unlimited usage with lower speeds at lower prices. All Sasktel Fibre Internet includes free basic installation and in-home Wi-Fi.

Sasktel internet is primary for Saskatchewan residents, and it is one of the best internet providers with the best coverage in this area.

Furthermore, the network provider is working on providing 1Gbps for customers in the province.

10. Coextro

Coextro is a fibre-optic-based internet serving houses and buildings across Ontario, Canada.

This internet provider runs exclusively in Ontario and people in other parts of the country won’t get access to their fast-speed network. You can find out if your building can access the Coextro fast-speed internet by inputting your address on Coextro’s website.

Coextro offers a speed of up to 500Mbps for both upload and downloads. The 2 popular fibre plans Coextro offers are;

  • Fibre 500 with a download and upload speed of 500Mbps, unlimited data rate and at $50 per month
  • Fibre 50 with a download and upload speed of 50Mbps, unlimited data usage at $35 per month. 

Bottom Line

Fibre internet is better in every way when compared to cable internet. If you need fast internet speed, unlimited data offers and a stable network, go with any of the high-value Canadian fibre internet providers.

It’s important to know that Fibre Internet in Canada is largely location-dependent. So before you sign up for any plan that catches your attention, ensure you confirm its availability within your province and location.

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